Laurie (preg/child ment)

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Laurie (preg/child ment)

Hi ladies,

I just talked to Laurie again. Not so good news. It looks like she is now in full on labor. She is 3 cm dilated, 85% effaced, and contractions are coming quick and regular. They've moved her back to labor and delivery. They told her that he will probably be born tonight or tomorrow.

So, it looks like little Hunter will be making his appearance soon. His arrival isn't how she'd planned, but I think she's adjusting to the idea. She had a tour of the NICU and I think that helped her feel better about what is to come.

Please send lots of healthy vibes and love! I'll update as soon as I hear more.


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Thanks for the update, I hope everything goes smoothly and little Hunter is healthy. She continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

:bigarmhug: for laurie


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Thinking of her!! Hope all goes well! Send her lots of well wishes for us! :bigarmhug:

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Thank you for keeping us updated. I will continue to keep her, Hunter and their family in my prayers.


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((((healthy and screaming baby vibes))))

I hope that all goes well


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OH I missed this... Thanks so much for the updated. Continued prayers for her and Hunter.


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Thanks so much for keeping us in the picture honey. I will continue to think of them both.

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I hope things go well. I will pray for her and Hunter. thanks for the updates.

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Any more news on Laurie and Hunter? Still praying for them.


p.s.- sorry I left my siggy on my last message. I try to be very careful about that. :oops:

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