a little set back, but ok

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a little set back, but ok

Yesterday was hard for both DH and myself. We agreed to watch our dear friends little girl, she just turned one. Their son was having his tonsils out. We see our friends and their children every weekend so we thought it would be no big deal, I was wrong. After one hour there I began to cry and said to DH this should be us full time. I sucked back the tears and took care of her the best I could with DH help. He was wonderful with her. It just made me long for our daughter. Last night DH was in a funk when I finally got him to talk he simple said, what I miss our daughter its hard. He doesn't cry in front of me and only cried once since the lost that I am aware of. Don't get me wrong we love being around those kids, they are like a newphew and niece to us but I guess watching one all day that little just put the thought into our heads of how it could have been if we never lost Rebecca. I just wanted to let you ladies know I have been lurking still at the boards and I miss you ladies.

Watching a one year old was just emotionally over stimulating for us.
If my dear friend is reading this, please don't take it personally. We love your children and it was good for us to watch your little girl because it gave DH and I something to look forward to again one day. It just made the heart ache a little.

Good luck everyone. I hope everyone is good.

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My heart aches for you Robin-I know you are still going through rough times. I think it's wonderful of you and your husband to watch the little girl-i can imagine how hard it was for you. I watched the babies in the nursery on sunday at church for the first time since my m/c and although it was wonderful to hold a baby, i kept wishing it was my own. I really hope that this year brings you a lot of joy-keep your chin up and i hope you have a great day!


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That sounds like such a difficult thing for you to have done. Im sorry it was so hard for you and DH. I am pleased though that he opened up to you, even if only a little bit. I hope each day gets a little bit easier for you.

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I'm glad you had your DH there with you - at least you didn't have to do it alone. I can imagine how difficult it was for both of you. I'm so sorry for your loss. It was so nice of you to help your friend, and even though it was hard, it showed incredible strength. You should be proud of yourself.


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I know how you feel! My brother has a 1yr old daughter and he wants to see me to make sure I'm ok, but he doesn't want to bring his little girl because he knows it will upset me. No one knows whats best!
You should be proud of yourself that you got the courrage to do what you did!!!

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I am sorry that was so hard for you, but I am glad your DH was so good.

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I know how heartwrenching that is. The reminder of what you don't have is hard to deal with and then you feel a little guilty because you love the kid(s) you are watching. I hope that you and your husband find some peace. I am glad to see that you are looking at it as a reinforcement of future possibilities.