A little update on me (m/c, ttc)
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Thread: A little update on me (m/c, ttc)

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    Default A little update on me (m/c, ttc)

    Hello Ladies,

    Well it's been 5 weeks since my 2nd m/c this year. My A/F has just come back meaning my body has decided it's time to move on and for now I feel having that return at least means my body is back to itself. It's been a crazy year. But with this 2nd m/c I am starting to get some medical investigation. So far they have tested my thyroid and hormones and everything looks good. But in August I will get an u/s to check for any abnormalities in the uterus and in early September I finally got referred to an OBGYN instead of just a general practitioner in obstetrics. They don't want to send me fore genetic counselling yet (I am in canada and referrals are necessary for this stuff as the wait lists are out of this world) We havn't done much investigation on hubby and I will wait for OBGYN's oppinion as to whether we should as I don't want to push hubby into anything he's uncomfortable with I was told if everything is okay and my cycles are back I can can ttc in mid-late september.

    However, this 2nd m/c brought about many stresses. My husband resigned from his job (as a result of 2 years of ongoing stress there and I am sure 2 m/c this year didn't help) resulting in the loss of haf our income. Though he is doing much better it is difficult to think of ttc when our financial situation is changed. In a way I feel as if my ttc dreams are over (I had been counting the days til my 3 cycle so I could ttc) and at the same time I feel my heart might tell me to ttc regardless of finances which is probably not very smart.

    It is funny how a m/c or 2 in my case can cause so much other upheaval in every aspect of our lives. It's been a very very rocky year. I can only hope someday all of this will work itself out. I've been trying to take things as they come but I just wish God would stop sending so much sometimes. My EDD of the first baby would have been Oct 1 and this date nearing so close to when I could have ttc'd is difficult as sitting back and accepting I might need to put things on hold will be harder as that date nears and I just think my desire will win over my logic.

    That's my update Ladies. I still check in here once in a while to see how everyone is. Although I currently belong on the ttc board I find my grief still overpowers sometimes and it's much more supportive to come here once in a while. Take care.

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    I'm so sorry for your losses and the very stressful year you have had. I hope from here on out it only gets better.

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