Lost our baby today

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Lost our baby today

I was 10w6d. I have been having issues with a subchronic hemorrhage since 7 wks and have been in and out of the Dr. office at least twice per week for u/s. I had been passing clots here and there but this morning around 3:30am I was cramping and got up to pee and I could feel stuff coming out. I passed so many clots from 3:30-6. My Dr. office got me in first thing this morning and they did an u/s and there was no baby in there anymore. I had passed the baby and didn't know it. I had actually saved all the clots so they could do testing on them.

I ended up having a D&C this afternoon around 3:30. I am still pretty groggy.

This is my 2nd loss since July so I think DH and I are just going to take a long break and let my body heal before we try again.

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I am so sorry for your loss.Hugs to you both during this hard time.Ok hug simily isn't working for me so again hugs.

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I am sorry for your loss :bighug:
Take the time you need to heal.

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I am so sorry for your loss. Sad I completely understand yor desire to wait before TTC again. Just keep communication between you and DH open so that you both know where you are with that. It's hard when you're in the immediate aftermath of loss, but you might change your mind, after a while.

In the meantime we are here for you sweetie. :giveflower:

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I am so very sorry for both of your losses. I don't know that I would have had the strength or the presence of mind to save the clots. Like Sarah said, take all the time that you need to heal both physically and mentally. Just please be sure to communicate with your husband. That is the most important thing. I pray that you find some peace.


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I am so sorry for your losses. Please take time to heal and take care of yourself.

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From another with a May '08 angel... I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you had not gone through that. We're all here for you. Take all the time you need to heal.


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I am so sorry. The exact same thing happened to me a few years ago. It was such an emotional rollercoaster. :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug:
Ask to be tested for APA antibody. Some doctors may not do it until you have had a few losses, but I would push for it.

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I am so sorry for both of your losses. :bigarmhug:


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Another former May '08 here----I'm so sorry for your losses. I pray you will find peace and strength and that you have happy, healthy babies in your future. ((((HUGS))))

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I am very sorry for your losses :comfort:

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