In Loving Memory of all our Angels

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In Loving Memory of all our Angels

I just wanted to start a little thread to tell all our angels in heaven that we are thinking of them and that we love all of them. I know they're all up there playing together and looking down on us.
Liam, Alana... this is mommy and I just want you to know how much I love you, and how sorry I am that I couldn't do better. I hope that you're safe and happy... I know that no matter how much I wish you could have stayed here, you are both in a better place now. I hope that you can play with all your friends and just have a happy life with no pain.
Me and Daddy miss you so much... I wish I could have held you just once, I wish I could have kissed you... I wish I could have shown you just how much you meant to me, to us, before you left. We never got that chance... so today we're thinking about you. Just like we think about you everyday... and we're lighting a candle for you and for all your angel friends. To let you know that we love you... and to let you know that we remember, to show you how important you are to us. Hopefully you can look down at all the lights tonight and you'll see just how many people's lives you touched... because for every light there is someone who loves you and someone who remembers you. As long as there is light you will be remembered.
Sweet babies... even though we never got to hold you, you will always be in our hearts.
I love you so much and miss you more than you could possible know.

Mommy to:
Angel DS-William Joseph @ 12 weeks 2 days
Angel DD-Alana Marie @ 9 weeks 2 days

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Today has been a day to remeber you by a day just for you.Daddy and me didnt get to see you smile,hear you cry, or even get to hold you in our arms,But we hold you in our hearts.We know your in good hands surrounded by loved ones who have passed.Please watch over us..Not a day goes by that we dont think about you.You were our first child and always will be.We love you and miss you every single you always


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In loving memory of Lucy ...

You'll always be my baby.

Love and (((hugs))) to everyone today!

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My darling angel Damien,

Daddy, Frankie, Grandma, and I all miss you so very much. We each had a candle burning for you and all of your friends in heaven. We just want you to know that you were so loved and cherished and we will forever be incomplete until we join you in heaven. Watch over us as we try to honor you by living a good life every day.

Love, mommy

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My beautiful Rebecca,
I hope you received the balloons Daddy and I sent up to you in heaven. We miss you so much. I can still remember what it felt like to hold your small precious body. You will always be a part of our lives. Daddy and Mommy will always love and remember you. Play nice with the other baby angels.
You are in my heart forever.

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My sweet precious little angel boy!
Me and your daddy lit a special candle for you tonight! It burned beautifully. We miss you and want you to know we can never love anyone more than you, who brought the greatest happiness we could ever know!! You are a blessing!! Always remembered my little bubby. You are my breath and my heart and I love you sooo much!!

Wait for us sweet boy we will be there soon!
Love always Mommy and Daddy

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Sweet Quinn and Elliot,
I miss you both so much. I often wonder what you would be like now. I see children your age and think what you would have looked like. Would you have looked like your lillte brother with the red hair and blue eyes, or like your sister with the white, blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sea? I know up in heaven you are perfect, just the way you were supposed to be. Your daddy and I miss you so much and wish that you could have stayed a little while longer. Your siblings still ask about you both. Please know that if I could, I would have taken your place in a heartbeat. But, I was needed her to take care of your brothers and sisters. We love you both so much it hurts. Please know that just because I don't mention your names outloud everyday, that doesn't mean that I don/t think about you every second of every day. We will see you in heaven.
Love, Mommy, Daddy, Noah, Thea, McKenna, Olivia and Jonah

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My precious angels,
your time with me was heart-breakingly short. I miss the could've beens when I think of each of you. You could've been 2 yrs old, you could've been a X-mas baby, you could've been the miracle I'm still so desperately seeking...
I miss each of you, and I will never forget you. You will always be in my mind and heart.