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    So sad to see you here, J Kathryn! I lurked a lot on Dec 2010. My due date based on ovulation would have been Dec 17th or so (my calculations).
    At the appt. where we saw the hb, they said my EDD was 12/31. Boo. So not looking forward to Christmas this year. And, like you, my baby only made it to 8 weeks. "Luckily" we'd had several other issues with the pg and so we were being seen every 2 weeks. And they worked me in so quickly when I started spotting. I hate m/c.

    Ditto with all the gals talking about your plans being taken away. I'm in the same boat with that, too. I kind of still feel angry about it, but also relieved that I'm not drawing out an unhealthy pregnancy.

    I am finally feeling as close to normal as I think I can get right now. I'm sure that while we never forget, it gets easier with time.
    I wish you all the very best in your ttc adventures. Have fun trying!
    Hoping for HH9Ms for you all!
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