made it through

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made it through

my due date. I think it helped tremendously that we were out of town and toodling around Nashville on that day. All though, I did make the comment to my hubby that this would have been my (potential) due date. He was just like "huh". whatever.
i'm sorta sad though.

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I'm sorry! It must have been a tough day. I'm glad you were kept busy though.

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EDD's are so hard Sad Sending many :bighug: too you..


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I am glad that you made it through.

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Hugs hon. I'm glad you got through, and had something to distract you a bit. Hugs!

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EDD's are very hard. Thank you for letting us know that you made it through it okay. I think you were wise to distract yourself by "taking in the sights" (I bet Nashville is a fascinating place).

Now as for your DH, men do grieve differently than women. I remember being very annoyed at my DH: there I was a sobbing mess, and although he was full of hugs (he is very compassionate), he didn't shed a tear. Then I came across a webpage that really explained male grief to me. It's fascinating. I showed it to DH who said he could totally relate to it.

Check it out:

I hope this helps. Now that your baby's EDD has passed, it get gradually gets easier. It may not seem like it right now, but it will.

Koala hugs to you,