Medicine to bring on miscarriage
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Thread: Medicine to bring on miscarriage

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    Default Medicine to bring on miscarriage

    I found out today that I have a blighted ovum. I am supposed to be 10 weeks and 2 days, but the sac was only measuring to 7 weeks and a few days. It was also empty. There was no baby in there. The doctor gave me the option of a d&c, waiting to have a miscarriage or taking a medicine to induce the miscarriage. I was going to just wait it out, but I am still having pretty strong pregnancy symptoms, so I think I would like to take the medicine. Has anyone taken any medicine before? Were there really bad side effects involved? I am nervous to take it, but I really do not want to feel pregnant any longer, since there is no baby there.
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    I hate to tell you this but even with taking the medication you may still feel pregnant awhile longer. With my D&C in April I had morning sickness (all-day for me) for an extra 3 weeks and 2 weeks of contractions. Not fun. Plus I had heavy bleeding. I was supposed to be 12 weeks and baby had died around 8-9 weeks.



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