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    Default memorial jewelry

    I cannot remember which board I was visiting when one of the amazing ladies gave me this website. I just wanted to share my thoughts and give you the site as well.

    (Sorry I don't know how to make it a link)

    This site has many different designs of jewelry that is tasteful and beautiful. I found the perfect necklace for myself and also one for the godmother of my son as she is hurting deeply as well.

    There are many choices that are discreet such as the necklace that is the forget-me-not flower and ones that are very obvious like the pendant that says angel baby.

    I know that we all heal in different ways and this is one of the ways that is bringing me peace. I will know have a physical tribute for my son next to my heart as his memory is in my mind and heart always.


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    Thinking of sweet baby Savannah


    Shelley I've seen the sight you posted, she has beautiful jewelry, I'm glad you found something special to help remember your son.

    I recently bought a gold charm bracelet and I'm going to have a local jeweler I know design a forget-me-not charm for the babies I lost through M/C...I have a lot of peace just by having the bracelet here even though I don't have the charm yet, I guess it's the idea of it, you know?

    Again, I'm glad you found something that helps you feel some peace.

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    A friend of mine got me the forget-me-not necklace and it is beautiful. I've only worn it once but I am glad I have something special to remember my baby by.

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    I have a silver heart necklace with 'Zane' on one side and two footprints stamped into the other side from there. It's gorgeous.

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