Milestones... (loss mentioned)

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Milestones... (loss mentioned)

Well, we hadn't been to the cemetary for a couple weeks to visit Reid so we went yesterday. I actually felt more at peace leaving this time. I guess this means that with time I am slowly getting better. We usually go see him once a week and we clean off his site after every snow storm. He is burried in the "Baby" section and I was saddened to see a fresh dug grave right next to him with a pink teddy and pink baby roses... my heart crumbled to know that someone else has had to go through the same thing. His two month anniversary was the other day... it was a rough day. I had a dream last night that I was still pg. I was so happy in my dream, admiring my tummy and playing with the bumps; it felt so real. I woke up this morning to the first day of my second cycle... a slap of reality.
It'll be ok. Everything will be ok.
Thanks for listening!

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Sending hugs. Hang in there honey.

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oh hugs sweetheart. I am so sorry. Sad