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milk (child mentioned)

I'm still nursing my 2.5 year old, and a little less than a week after my m/c, my milk supply increased dramatically. I started leaking again after not leaking for about 1.5 years, and there's more milk than there's been in a long time. I was not at all expecting my milk to come in with a 1st trimester miscarriage. I'm hoping it won't delay my period returning. I didn't get my period back until DD was 14 months, and then didn't ovulate for a few months after that. I don't want my body to think that I have a nursing newborn and that it shouldn't ovulate.

And then today, I received a can of newborn formula sample in the mail. Why do the formula companies always find out about our pregnancies but never our losses? I'll bring it over to the food bank, but still, it's so annoying. I wouldn't have kept it anyway, but it's just sitting there on the counter now bothering me.

DD was intrigued by the formula sample. She's always excited about packages. I explained what it was, and she wanted to give it to her dolls. At least we had a moment of humor.

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I hear you about the newborn forumla. I still get them in the mail once......