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Miscarriage Mentioned


I am so confused and stressed and upset. My first day of last period was 11/01. I got a positive test on 11/29 (home test). I started having the usual early preg symptoms and then on 12/6 had very faint pale brown spotting. It stopped after a few hours. 12/9 the light brown spotting started and continuted until 12/11 when it started to turn pink and then red and then cramping started. On 12/12 I was full out bleeding and passing clots and what appeared to be a sac. I was having much stronger than period cramps that caused me to catch my breath quite a few times. The doc said it was likely miscarriage and took my hcg levels. It was 570. I bled for a few days and am now back to spotting.

Here is what is weird: my hcg levels yesterday were 1700. I would be 6 weeks and a few days pregnant so that is low for that time and I have no pg symptoms and it feels like my uterus has contracted back down. I had an ultrasound today and the tech said she saw nothing in my uterus or tubes at all. So what is going on? What would make my levels rise while I apparently had a miscarriage.

To make it worse, before I went to the ultrasound the doc called and said you might not have lost your baby after I was getting settled to the thought I had. This was immediately followed by the tech saying she saw nothing. Talk about a roller coaster! Someone stop this ride I want to get off.

Anyone have hcg rise after miscarrying?

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I did but that was bc i had a blighted ovum Sad but I am sending bug hugz ur way!!! We r here for u if u need to chat...

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I'm sorry. Are you having another blood test? I would call and speak with your doctor.

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Your levels could have still continued to rise if there was poc (I hate that word) still left. If you bled heavily in the time between the second beta draw, and the ultrasound the following day, this could be why the tech saw nothing.

I would have your beta tested again. See if it is on its way down. If it is not, ask for another ultrasound. An ultrasound should be able to pick up a gestational sack if beta is 1000-2000. That said, most docs won't make a diagnosis unless the beta is at least a minimum of 2000. Yours was 1700. If the ultrasound still shows that all is 'clear'..Then I would ask for a referral to see a gyno/oncologist...Just to be on the safe side.

I am so very sorry for the loss of your baby, if this is what truly has happened.. Sad

As an aside: this happened to me with one of my pregnancies..my twins. I kept rising slightly, then going down a bit, then rising..etc. I saw a gyno/oncologist just to be safe. Ended up doing another D&C even though no poc could be seen. My beta was then tested weekly until back to normal. I remember it only went down about a 100 a week. Took something like 12-15? weeks for my beta to go back to normal.


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My levels continued to rise for 4 weeks until I had my u/s and we saw and empty sac and no fetal pole. I had a blighted ovum in October and rather than letting thing happen naturally I had a d/e at what was to be 8 weeks of pregnancy. It was weird because although I knew there was no fetus with my hcg levels rising I still had some hope. It is one of the cruelest jokes mother nature can play on a women.

I am sorry if that is what it is.

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Thinking of you!

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i agree you need further beta's done.
sorry for your loss, and the rollercoaster. its bad enough but to be given hope one min and have it taken away the next is really tough.

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Hugs hon. I am so very sorry, definitely a roller coaster. I too would have at least one more beta draw to see what is happening there. Even at 6 wks it can be difficult to see things on an u/s. I have a tipped uterus, and they can never find anything (even at 11wks) w/o doing a vaginal u/s. Hugs and prayers.

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Thank you all for your support. I really appreciate it.

I had more betas drawn. They crept to 1800 and then 2000 and then 2200. (I would be around 8 weeks pg, so these numbers are not anywhere near normal. For a while I held out hope that they were. )

I also had u/s and the OB thought I had an ectopic that did not fully miscarry. So, I was given methotrexate. I'm just starting to get over the effects of the shot as it was 3 days ago and my abdomen seems less bloated so maybe it is doing its job.

How stressful! I don't even think I've had a chance to process everything because I'm so worried about my health. There is still a chance I may need a second shot if the numbers don't go down. I go in for a draw tomorrow to find out. Please cross your fingers and pray that they are on the decline.

I'm sorry I have to be posting here but it has been nice to "meet" you all.

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Jill, I hope that your beta goes down (that sounds so strange to say). Hugs and prayers. You should come join us over at ttcal (trying to conceive after a loss). It is very busy over there, and there are also many women that post that are not yet ttc).