miscarriage nightmare (TMI)

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miscarriage nightmare (TMI)

I woke up this morning soaking wet from nightmares and of course because of the dreams my anxiety is through the roof. I am having a mild panic attack while writing this so if it sounds weird I am sorry.
My EDD was for Dec 3rd so I am guessing that I am having these nightmares due to that.
Anyway my husband just says they are nightmares no big deal just forget about them, but they seemed so real.

The nightmare: I was pregnant about 12 weeks along and went on a school trip on an airplane (I hate airplanes) anyway as we were descending to come home I had an urge to use the bathroom when I did a large amount of blood came pouring out and a tiny white bag with something in it (I assume it was the baby). I started to scream and no one came to help me not a flight attendant or anyone else on the plane. I was alone.

I know that the anticipation of Rebecca due date is triggering the nightmare and my anxiety I just don't know how to shake it. I was feeling so well and my husband actually commented on how well I have been lately and was happy that his wife was back. I don't want to spiral back to horrible anxiety. I just want to make it past her due date without going crazy. Any advice.

I just wanted to vent and share the nightmare with someone. I thought venting would help with the anxiety. Thanks for listening. No response is needed.


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Aww you poor thing that sounds horrible. Im so sorry I dont have any advice on how you can make yourself feel better during the hard time to come, as I have many of these dates still coming and have no idea how Im going to deal. But I really hope the memory of your dream fades and you can get through the next week as painfree as possible.

Thinking of you..

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I am so sorry about your nightmare Sad I still have pretty bad nightmares on occasion....I just had one recently...I can't even post about it cause I think it would be to upsetting...

Have you ever had a vivid dream?? You know, where you know you are dreaming, and can control it?? If not...or, if you have....Try and take something to bed that reminds you of Rebecca in a good way...Think about her as you fall asleep... meeting her some place peaceful....holding her...telling her you will see her again one day...knowing that she is okay...Envision her looking back at you...telling you that it is okay....Think about this the next few nights as your EDD approaches....

I am hoping the end result, will be a dream that will bring you peace and comfort



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I am so very sorry hon. I think that nightmares are our subconscious way of trying to make sense out of something completely senseless. I have had some doozies myself. I think that mom@41 had a great suggestion and I may have to try that myself.

I wish you peace and strength.


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I am so sorry you had that awful dream. For some reason i have never had any dreams about my losses, i don't know why. I do know that it's completely normal though, and it doesnt necessarily mean that you will be going 'backwards' in your grief. The brain just has to process your thoughts and feelings while you're asleep and this results in the dreams that you have.


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:bighug: :bighug: :bighug:

I hate those dreams. The ones you can't control, they leave you feeling so helpless... the dreams where you wake up screaming, or with tears streaming down your face.

Eventually you start having good dreams, remembering the good times... and the hopes you had for them.

Here's to no more bad dreams.