I became pregnant in Sept. In the month of Nov I had some bleeding. No ultrasounds were done and a doppler was also not used. Everyone kept saying dont worry as the cervix was still closed. They tested my levels at the end of Nov and they said that the number was fine. I have 5 children and am familiar with pregnancy. I knew something was wrong. I ordered a doppler myself in December and was unable to detect a heartbeat. In December I pressured to have something done. They performed the blood test and said my levels were consistent with SAB. (spontaneous Abortion) The labwork was repeated the first week in Jan. The levels again had dropped significantly. The level was now at only 250. I still have not expelled anything. How long is too long to wait for nature to take its course? Is there anything I can do to encourage the process? Its traumatic enough without having to continue to carry it. Theyre plan is to keep repeating the labwork until its 5 or less then they will suggest my next step. I had the same thing happen a few years ago. I went the natural route and it was 3 months before I expelled anything. I wanted this baby desperately and now its gone. This is too hard to continue carrying it.