Missed my EDD

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Missed my EDD

June 1 would have been my 2nd angel's 1st birthday if he/she would have arrived on time.

I just realized that.

I am sad that I missed it, but also happy that I am not dwelling on it.

It just makes me want for a baby so much more.

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Hugs hon. Bittersweet to know you are not always thinking about it, but sad at the same time.

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Hey there,

I remember when I first missed an EDD anniversary too. And, yeah, I felt guilty about it.

Looking back on it, I realize that -- this might sound strange -- but I think it's actually a good sign when we miss them. Like you said, you weren't dwelling on it. This means you're not carrying around as much grief as you once were -- it DOESN'T mean that you love your angel any less.

Personally, my love for my angels has never diminished in all of this time (we lost our angels between 2.5 and 5.5 years ago). My love for them roars on, and today I enjoy that feeling. I mention this to offer hope. I'm sure I will never stop loving them, and that it will never diminish.

And if they are watching from Heaven, well -- I get the feeling that my little ones wouldn't have wanted Mommy to be so sad forever, fixated on their EDD's and loss dates.

Please don't feel badly about a date; what matters is the obvious love you have in your heart.


"There is no grief like the grief that does not speak”
-- Henry W. Longfellow

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