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Is it June 21st yet??? Lol :lol: Lol

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Lol the time will go by fast....In laws are here. I am locked in my office upstairs *supposedly* checking weather bug out
for them Lol

My in laws do not know of my losses, or my current pregnancy....So, its been hard keeping the morning sickness at bay. Last night, at the dinner table, I thought I was gonna lose it for a moment. I barked at dh telling him to give me a dinner roll..and do it NOW!!...I took a few bites, and was able to ward off the *want to vomit feeling*

Anyways, my mil said last night.. *I want to take you for lunch tomorrow* :roll: great...any other time (when NOT pregnant) I would love to go out for lunch. Today, it will feel like I am on that show *fear factor*....less the reward at the end Lol

So far, no signs that anything is going wrong. That said, I am on progesterone...So, it could mask a problem..leaving me in the dark about it.

Honestly, I know this sounds terrible..But when I go for the ultrasound on June 21. I am expecting to see that things have fallen apart...that my baby is gone...Just cause that is the way it has always worked out

If I am wrong, and baby is still there..It truly will be a shock for me.

Can't check in much due to the IL's....Will try and sneak in a look late tonight..

Thanks for checking up on me! Smile


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Hoping and praying for a HH9M's.

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Have something easy like a salad for lunch to make it more endurable. It's awful though when you really have no appetite!! Smile

Of course you're expecting everything to have gone wrong at the scan, i guess it's like a self protection mechanism. If you dont get your hopes up you wont have to fall too far. There's nothing wrong with that and i know i'd be feeling the same. I felt that way for my scans and i havent suffered any m/c. It's because it has been proved to us that we are not immune to loss.

I have everything crossed for you honey. Smile