To Mother's of angels,mothers day(loss ment/sad but positive

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To Mother's of angels,mothers day(loss ment/sad but positive

I wanted to write this to you all for mother's day as I know we are all remembering today. Remember how blessed we are to have had these angels in our lives. Please do not read if this will upset you.

Mother’s of Angels

I announce today that I am a mother
Why is that you say?
There are no little feet running in my yard
But yes… I am a mom today

I am a chosen mother of a few
And although there are many moms like me
We are the only moms who can truly say
They have made an angel you see

God knew we very strong
We could handle anything
So instead of making two tiny hands
God gave our babies wings

I think of you, My Angel, often
You must have been perfect I know
Because God only ever wants
The most perfect angels to go

And I know you are looking down on me
Cradled in heavens love
All I need to do to see you again
Is look to your star above

So today, yes I am very much a mom
Do not forget this, I pray
My fellow mom’s of angels remember
You are very blessed this Mother’s Day

May 13th, 2007

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I love it! Thank you. Smile

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Wow~~ That was wonderful!! Did you write that? Wonderful poem....

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Thank you for sharing this...I loved it and it says it all.

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Thank you....I love reading all the comforting poems, that so many have shared on this board today :bighug:

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That is so beautiful! What wonderful words! TFS