mother's day (child ment)

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mother's day (child ment)

Wow....I haven't posted on this board in a long while. I lost my angel at 13 weeks on January 26, 2007. I guess with Mother's Day coming up I've been thinking a lot about him lately. It's so weird how you're just going through life thinking you're past it and so happy holding your living baby in your arms and then it just hits you again...not quite as hard, but still........
This time last year was really mixed up for me emotionally speaking. My husband was out of town and I was having to stay home (instead of visiting my parents) because we were about to move and I had to work on getting the house ready. Also, we were about to start trying again. I was feeling sad for having Mother's Day without my baby, but happy to be trying for another one and lonely with my husband being gone so much (he was gone 5 of 6 weeks from late March through early May). Well, M.Day is around the corner and hubby is gone again (only for 5 days this time, thank goodness), so there is a lot that is surfacing, I guess.
I have my little Brooks (I actually got preg on Mother's Day weekend:)) and that's such a blessing but I still miss my first little one. I'm going to a service at our church on Sunday night for moms who have lost children or have dealt with infertility. Although in a way I feel like I'm just wallowing by going, I think it'll be a very healing experience since last year no one really acknowledged my angel or me as a mother. I think they were trying not to upset me by just not mentioning it, but I felt like my baby was forgotten.
I am looking forward to it this year, even though it will still be a little sad, because I have my sweet Brooks and through this service my angel will be remembered and I will be recognized as a mother of 2.

Sorry this was so long and I'm not sure how much sense it makes, but I just needed to vent and say how much I'm missing my little angel baby. I love you, sweet one.

Happy Mother's Day to all.........

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Dear Rebecca,

Happy Mother's Day to you too (and to all on this board). And hearty congratulations on the safe arrival of Brooks -- it's always heartwarming to see a person on this board have a healthy baby after having suffered from loss. Your story is very encouraging to the many on this board who are TTC (not myself, as I am not TTC anymore -- getting a bit old for that!).

So you have given a beautiful Mother's Day 'gift' to everyone here -- hope and encouragement for those TTC, and feeling joy for someone else (for those of us not TTC). What a great gift. Thanks!


(PS I hope the service is a lovely experience for you -- acknowledgment of our angel babies is so important)

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Hun. Happy Mothers Day to you and I hope it brings you some healing. it is always hard to lose an angel and just as hard when no one recognizes that angel. i hope you have a good time and enjoy it and have some healing.