My Friend Aged Only 18 Had Stiilborn Twin Boys :(

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My Friend Aged Only 18 Had Stiilborn Twin Boys :(

My friend is not that long turned 18,

she would have been 19 weeks pregnant today.. she was at the doctor last week where he told her that her baby was the size of a 30 week old baby & booked her in for an emergency scan on Friday 13th April 2012

I was doing my shopping on Friday when I recieved a message from her to tell me that she was having twins but that they had sadly passed away, she was really upset and I'm not sure how I can support her..

She give birth to 2 beautiful wee boys on Saturday night, she called them Kyle-Andrew & Bradley-George, now she has to plan their funeral Sad

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I'm so sorry for your friend's loss. It is great that she has a friend like you to stand beside her. The best way to support her is to be there to listen to her if she wants to talk and to just sit quietly with her if she doesn't want to talk. You can provide her with some meals if she's on her own and offer to drive her if she needs to go anywhere or offer to go with her to make the funeral arrangements.