My Grandma

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My Grandma

Hey guys. Smile

I'm sorry i havent been here much since the weekend, i started back at work this week and i've had visitors on an evening, so not much chance to get online and post. I have been lurking here and there though. Smile

I just wanted to make a post in remembrance of my Grandma Joyce. She was my mums mum and she passed away quite suddenly two years ago this monday just gone (7 Jan).

My best memories of her were her awesome Sunday dinners, her dressing up clothes that she gave my sister and i, the cartoons she used to buy for us all to watch on video, her back bedroom full of crap she used to hoard, when we used to visit her in the bakery she managed when she was working, trying to pull open her little finger cause it was siezed crooked, her collection of 5p's in a house shaped money box, her sharing memories of when she was younger and how things used to be, all the ornaments and gnomes she used to have in the garden, how weak she used to like her tea, when she hugged me after i told her Scott and i were trying for a family. So many things.

She was a wonderful lady and i miss her very much. I know she is taking good care of Zane & Ada for me until i meet them all again. Smile

Sarah. x

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She sound like a lovely grandma, thanks for sharing (((HUGS))) and what a lovely photo!

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:bighug: Wondered where you had been. HOw is it being back at work?

Lily Maria Kathleen :angel1: August 10, 2007

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2 beautiful ladies! Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories!


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I was just thinking today that you hadn't been on lately-I'm glad you are doing ok though! I hope going back to work has been good for you. You're grandmother looks like she was a wonderful lady! Mine is very sick right now and I just can't imagine how it'll be when she's gone.

Glad you are back! Take care!

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What a lovely tribute to your grandma. I can see where you get your good looks from! She sounds like a wonderful person and I know she is looking down on you and keeping watch over your precious babies.

I just lost my grandma this past October. I hope they're both up their enjoying weak tea and trading gardening tips together!


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She sounds like a beautiful person...thanks for sharing. I'm sure she is holding both your babies close.

How is work going? I have been thinking of you this week and wondering how it is.

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Sorry for your loss. Those are some great memories.