My hell.

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My hell.

Tomorrow is 18 yrs since Zachary passed. I found out on the 18th at a regular appointment. He was delievered on the 19th.

The 18th is also 18 yrs since my Mom's best friend son (Joey) passed at the exact moment that i found out Zachary had passed (3,000 miles away).

The 17th is 8 yrs since my Grandmother passed. I went to Philly this wkend and we went to her grave. It was very peaceful, i will add the pics after i load them from my phone.

The 20th is 17 yrs since my Godfather passed. (too weird that it's exactly 1yr and 1 day from Zachary passing).

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry darling. It must be a really rough time of year for you. Know that we are here for ya. hang in there.