My post op appt today (miscarriage & TTC ment)

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My post op appt today (miscarriage & TTC ment)

So I went in today for my post op appt.

Not sure where to start. Basically she just wants me to take care of myself and get plenty of rest (which is all I feel like doing anyways - each night this week I get home from work and just want to crash)

She said that they really couldn't see anything wrong and don't have anything that they can tell me specifically regarding this miscarriage. All of my blood levels were great in the beginning. And everything looks good from thyroid, sugar, everything...

She talked about how I should wait 3 cycles until I TTC again and that in 3 months that I could go on metformin to try to help things along. Sounds like if I wait the 3 months and then try for 6 months and still don't have a positive that we'll meet to talk about other options.

She didn't test my blood. I asked her if she'd be testing it to make sure that my hcg levels keep going down but she said that they wouldn't be testing my blood any further unless I have complications beyond my 2 weeks after surgery. (which will be next Wed)

She said that if I become pregnant again that they'll watch me closer. I'm to keep taking my prenatals as always in preparation/hopes for a future pregnancy.

So - I guess it's just time to try to heal - thank you everyone for your support~


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Hi Julie

I can really relate; I'm a bit of a reluctant veteran at m/cs' (had 4 of them). M/c's are so hard in many ways because:
1. we want to know "why"
2. we want to be assured that we can have a full term pregnancy in the (hopefully near) future
3. we want to know when we can 'expect' to be 'ready' for pregnancy again.

The problem with m/c's is that their cause is largely guesswork (so my ob/gyn advises) because there's so little they can run tests on, and because our babies were so very tiny.

So it's all a great big, painful question mark that we have to live with, until we shift through our grief. That's why this board is so awesome: I'm glad you've started this thread, that you're writing about it. In my experience, this board is the BEST tool to help us work our way through all the grief.

I pray for you that you never go through an m/c again, and that with your next pregnancy everything goes absolutely perfectly.


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It's overwhelming isn't it? I'm so afraid of more Drs. appointments. I had a hard time getting in to see anyone while i was pregnant and no one wanted to deal with me then. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm terrified I'm going to be ignored even more (if that's even possible). I didn't know what to do and I have no idea what comes next and I'm so frightened. That you for posting. You kind of gave me an idea of what future appointments will look like.

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:bighug: I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss. I hope that you are able to heal physically and emotionally during the next 3 months, so that you can begin trying again. Of course you will never forget your angel, but time, and having something else to focus on, will help you heal. I can't wait until I am old enough to TTC. In the meantime, I am just trying to focus on school, and not dwell on my loss too much. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I'm sorry for your loss. It is funny how different doctors say different things. Mine told me I could try again right now, did not even have to wait a cycle. But, I was only 5 weeks 3 days.

I wish you luck in ttc. Keep us posted!