My sweet angel boy (loss ment)

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My sweet angel boy (loss ment)

My sweet darling Damien,

It has been eight very long months since I held you and had to say goodbye. I never got to hear you cry or see you open your eyes.

I held you and kissed you and your daddy did too. It broke our hearts anew when we had to hand you over and let you go.

Your big sister, Frankie, loves you and misses you so very much. She so wanted to help me take care of you. She was looking forward to helping feed you and to cuddle you and to play with you.

I still have dreams at night of the amazing man that you would have grown up to be. I know that you would have been full of love and compassion as that is what you would have learned. You are missed so very much by everyone here at home.

I get so angry sometimes that you are in heaven instead of here with your family. It is not fair, and I don't understand the reasoning behind why you were taken from us before we ever had a chance to shower you with the love we have.

Please keep an eye over your big sister, grandma, daddy, and mommy. You know how much we love you and one day we will meet again and I can hold you like I did eight months ago.

All my love to you. Mommy

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Shelley, what a lovely tribute to your precious little Damien. Im so sorry that he is not here in your arms where he should be.

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I agree, what a wonderful tribute. I'm so sorry you and your family has had to go through this horrible grief of losing Damien due to some incompetent doctors. Keep strong and take it day by day... and know that we're all here for you.

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My heart just aches with you.
Your Damion knows how much you all love him. I know he is looking out for you all.
I admire your bravery. It definitely takes bravery to grieve this way.

Always thinking of you!