Naming our babies
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Thread: Naming our babies

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    Default Naming our babies

    DH and I named our babies today. It was sad at first, but then brought me a lot of relief once we got going. I feel like we are acknowledging our children and bringing closure to what has happened by facing it. We are going to create stepping stones in our back garden with a poem and the names of our babies so there will be a tasteful memorial where we can 'put' our grief.

    Autumn - I chose this name for our second daughter because it is so peaceful and soft. Autumn lived almost exactly for the length of the fall of 2007.

    Robin - DH chose this unisex name for our third child. They lived for a short time in the spring, then 'took flight'. He said it also reminded him of the word 'robbed', as they were robbed of life.

    Michael - When we thought of our fourth child, who we believe was a boy, the name 'Mike' immediately came to DH. He is very certain that this is the right name for him. We think he was a boy because on the first day of my cycle when I was to get pregnant I found a pair of dark blue infant sized mittens on my driveway. That is the only time I have ever found someone's stuff on our property so it seems like a sign. We are still waiting for the results of genetic testing though, so we will change the name to 'Michelle' if it turns out that it was a girl.

    I feel so much better now that they have names.

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    It is very theraputic(sp?) to give them names. I waited a long time to pick out names for my m/c and i never really dealt with it when it happened.

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    That's nice Jen. (((HUGS))) to you.

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    That's beautiful Jen

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    Those are all beautiful names with such amazing meaning to them. I am glad that you were able to get some closure.
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    Hi Jen

    Those are beautiful names, with lovely meanings. DH and I did the same thing.We chose names that we truly liked, and were all unisex because we lost them early (m/c) and I never had a 'sense' of any of their sexes. Together, DH and I named our angels Alex, Sam, Max and Kim. I have their names engraved on the inside a ring he gave me, so I carry their names with me always.

    It's been very therapeutic, like "Sapphire" said. When I refer to my angels, it's by their names instead of (what, to me anyway, feels a little impersonal): 'the baby' or 'the babies'.

    Some people choose to not name their angels, and I totally respect everyone's personal decision. Whatever works, works -- it's a very individual thing. But personally I have gained so much comfort from our namings, and I continue to. I'm glad you made this choice for yourselves, and I really like your idea of the memorial garden. Lovely!


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    Hugs Jen! I am glad that you and your husband could name your sweet babies, and I think the walkway sounds lovely!

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