Natural Progesterone Cream? XP (TTC ment)

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Natural Progesterone Cream? XP (TTC ment)

Back onto the TTC bandwagon, cycle #2.
Just wondered if anyone had used this or knows anything about natural progesterone cream?
It has been suggessted to me by a friend if i fall pg. She said its safe to use after you O to help keep progesterone levels up. I guess there is no harm in trying anything to prevent a poss mc? (BTW for those who dont know, i dont know why i m/c last time - not had any tests, i just want to do all in my power to prevent it happening again.)
I have asked the docs and they wont do any tests as i have only (yeah.....'only' huh!) had 1 loss.
Thanks ladies!!

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Its not that natural prog cream is not safe (the kind from the health food store) I just have heard conflicting stories as to whether or not it is really effective.

I was on progesterone starting 3dpo (compound...I suppose like prometrium) 200mg then up to 800 mg as soon as I got a bfp.

Even though your doc does not feel testing is necessary...Would he consider putting you on progesterone for peace of mind?? It can't, he really has no argument in not putting you on it..


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My thought is that it can't hurt, right? I hope that your BFP comes quickly and that you get the stickiest of little beans.


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The only reason that progesterone would benefit you (someone correct me if I am wrong) is if your body is actually having a hard time holding onto the pregnancy. In other words, your body is failing your perfectly healthy embryo. The likelihood of that is very, very small. It is much more likely that for whatever reason, the pregnancy was not viable due to the unhealthiness of the baby, not you. Progesterone isn't going to help the baby because we are talking about chromosome abnormalities being the likely cause of the loss. And, in fact, if for some reason the pregnancy again was not viable, due to a chromosome abnormality, extra progesterone could prolong and actually make the m/c more difficult.

That said, I don't personally believe a cream has the ability to affect you negatively or positively in any way. That is just my opinion of progesterone cream for the effects of helping/hurting a pregnancy.

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My new OB wants to put me on progesterone when we get pregnant again (not trying til Oct though). The progesterone can help stop uterine contractions among some other things I've heard. I have endo and A LOT of cramping throughout the month and I did with my pregnancy too, though I never m/c naturally, so it would partly be as a precaution for me. I've heard good and bad, but I personally don't ever take anything, not even a supplement, without talking to my OB if it has to do with me being or getting pregnant. It's just one way I keep some peace of mind.

Good luck

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I used progesterone cream and it didn't help or hurt. I might use it again but I don't notice much difference. If I get pregnant again I'm going to have them check my progesterone levels like they did last time and I'll use progesterone suppositories which are very effective and prescription only.

If you typically have a short LP (10 days or less) or 2+ days of light spotting before AF on a regular basis then getting your progesterone levels checked is a good idea (I'm not a doctor, but I've heard that lots). Otherwise I wouldn't worry about it until you get pg and then the doctors would probably check your levels anyway.