Never ending (m/c ment)

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Never ending (m/c ment)

That's how I feel - this ordeal is just never ending.

As I said in a previous post, on Monday, Oct 25th I had some bleeding, went to the doctor, and found out that there was no heartbeat. On Tuesday, Oct 26th, I took the pills they gave me to induce the miscarriage. I had some cramping, bleeding, and clotting, which has continued off and on ever since.

I never actually saw the fetal tissue pass, but since I had had so much bleeding and clotting, I had assumed that I had a complete miscarriage. I mean, I've never done this before - I didn't know what to expect.

Today I went back for my two week check up, and no. The past two weeks have pretty much been all for naught - the fetus hasn't passed. So I'm going in for a D&C on Friday.

I just feel....gutted, all over again. Like, I dunno, I just feel like this has brought me back to square one, and like I haven't made any progress towards healing or putting this behind me. I just want this to be over. I SO wish I would have had the D&C two weeks ago instead of just prolonging everything.

This sucks.

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Well that just sucks, I am sorry. I can only imagnine how angry and hurt you must be. Things do seem to be dragging on, but I hope Friday the D&C will give you the peace you are seeking. :bigarmhug:

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That just sucks Allissa. I elected for the D&C since I was 10w and baby had passed at 7w. I had started bleeding on my own, but nothing had passed. It was a horrible experience. I am so very sorry that this has to be prolonged for you. I really hope that the D&C goes smoothly and you can start to heal. Hugs to you!

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Thanks Missy and Christy.


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I had a D&C almost a month ago. I elected to so I could have some closure and get on with it. I am glad I did. Things still are not easy, but at least I know it is over physically. Mentally, not so much yet. I hope it helps you too.

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I agree about things dragging on making it harder to heal. After I had my horrible 12-week scan, I wanted a D&C ASAP to help with closure. It took 4 days to meet with the clinic and at that point they could only tell me I could have it the following week. I had my m/c a couple days after that and I thought everything was good (physically). I started hemorraging 5 days after my m/c and had to have an emergency D&C. I feel bitterness that I couldn't have just gone that way in the first place.

It does suck.