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New to the group

Hi all. I am kind of new to this forum but here is my brief introduction. I am 26 years old and have been married for two years. We started ttc towards the end of last year. conceived in November, miscarried in December. Started ttc again two months later and conceived again in June and just had another miscarriage early august. It has been hectic for both me and my DH and I am almost thinking og giving up. the pain i guess is just too much. I hope to know you ladies and share experiances.

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Jill...I am so sorry for your losses Sad

Have you had any testing yet??

The ladies on this board are wonderful....and will be very supportive....

Please try not to be disappointed if the replies do not come in quickly. just had some major changes, as you probably are aware!!...As a result, some of our members are still a bit lost..

Sending many :bighug: your way....


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I'm am so sorry for your losses. I have also suffered 2 m/c's. The 1st in Sep'06 and 2nd in Feb'07. After much testing, it was determined that I have hypothyroidism. I'm now on meds for that and also progesterone. Please have your docs do some testing. I always thought that because I was able to get pregnant everything must be ok. There may be something that can be fixed quite easily. I've seen it alot on these boards and women go on to have healthy babies, take care.....

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I am so sorry for your losses. :comfort:

I know it is painful now and trying again may well be the last thing on your mind, but you may feel differently in time.


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I'm so sorry for your losses. Try not to lose hope. Talk to your doctor, see about testing and know that many women have had babies after miscarriages. I actually have had three pregnancies in my life. First ended in m/c, second (many years later) resulted in my sweet little boy and then a second m/c:(. (((Big hugs)))

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I am so very sorry for your losses. I would recommend seeing if there is any testing that could be done before you give up all hope. This board is full of truly wonderful and amazing women. I am sorry to welcome you here, but thankful that you found this board.


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I am also 26 and had 2 miscarriages. Got pregnant early january, miscarried in march, got pregnant in may and miscarried in June. I am now counting down the last 20 days til I can ttc again.

At first I thought... I am 26... healthy... how the heck can this happen? I realized it just wasn't in my hands. After talking to people on this board I realized I am not alone. When i first miscarried I felt like there was something wrong with me and something to be ashamed of. 2nd time I felt like I was never meant to be a mom. Then I realized it is part of life and so many women are going through it. Some have went through more loses than I have but never gave up. They are a real inspiration.

The figured I lost my 2nd because not enough wait time between pregnancies. So I have been asked to wait three months and can try again in October. I decided to stick it out the whole 3 cycles and I have 20 days left til a new one begins and we can begin again. It's a scary road but know that you are not alone. HUGS.... I am so sorry you had this happen to you.

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hugs! I am so sorry for both of your losses. My emotions have just been a rollercoaster since finding out 3weeks ago, I imagine it can only be worse with two losses. I too would suggest seeing if your docs can run some tests.

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Jill, so sorry for your losses and that you had to find your way over here. I agree, this board is amazing...we are all different, yet, unfortunatley, all have something in common. I would talk to your dr to see if there is any testing that they can do.



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I've mostly been a lurker lately and since you've already gotten some lovely advice, I just wanted to let you know we're all here for you. Remember to take good care of yourself!


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I'm so sorry for you losses. I hope you can find some comfort here.

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