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Like all of you I was hoping I wouldn't have to be here but,
this morning I went in for an u/s to follow up on a few things that didn't look right at my 7 week u/s. They couldn't find a heart beat and the baby was measuring 7 weeks and I should be 10 weeks.

I go today for another more high tech u/s then have the choice of either letting my body do it's thing or having a D&C.

I am just so devastated!

My husband told me the day I found out I was pregnant that he wanted a divorce so I've had two major losses in the last 2 months.

Thanks for the support girls!

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I'm really sorry you are here and that you are suffering 2 losses right now. Tragedy can bring people closer together so maybe there is some hope-I really hope in your case that is true.

When you go to the dr, just let him know what your preferences are as far as having a D&C or miscarrying naturally. You have alot going on right now and need to put yourself first.

Again, I'm so sorry but glad you found this board-it is a great support system of ladies!


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I am so sorry. It is difficult enough dealing with the loss of a child but having the added stress of a bad marriage is going to be very challenging. I think you are going to be grieveing on my levels. Have you and you husband being speaking at all during your pregnancy? Have you told him about the loss?

I wish I could be there for you. I am so sorry for the pain that you are experiencing. PM me if you need ot talk.


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I'm so sorry that things are so bad for you right now. It seems that when it rains, it pours.

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I am so sorry for your losses. To lose a child is horrible but to go through it without support is even more horrible. I am here if you need to talk, feel free to pm me.


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Hi there, im so sorry you have had to come here. I know what a shock you must have had as i went for my 10-11 week u/s a few weeks ago to find my baby had died at around 8.5 weeks. I never thought it would happen to me. After alot of thought and advice from friends who had been through the same tragedy i decided to opt for a D+C as after 3 weeks my body wasnt doing it on its own. It was no where near as bad as i thought it would be, it was more emotionally draining than physically. Physically, i had heavy bleeding and period type cramps for 2 days, the cramps went after this and the bleeding has been light on and off since (its been 1 week and 3 days). For me personally i dont think i could have handled a natural m/c plus i was told there was a risk i would need the d+c afterwards anyway if my body didnt m/c properly on its own. You have to decide what feels best for you. Once again im so sorry for your loss, there is some great support and advice here and i have found it has helped me alot. (((HUGS)))

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Oh Jaime, I am so sorry for your losses.

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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I wish there were something I could do. I agree with PP, when it rains it pours.

We went in for a 10 week u/s and our baby had stopped growing at 8 weeks 2days. Since my body wasn't m/c naturally after 2 weeks, we were given the option of D&C or meds to induce m/c. We went with the meds because there is less recovery time, and well, it isn't surgery. If the meds hadn't worked, I would have had to have a D&C. I don't know if that's an option for you, maybe that is something you could ask about. Then you wouldn't have to wait and it might keep you from having to have a D&C too. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or want to talk. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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So sorry about your loss. It will get better I promise you. Come here as often as you need. It is a wonderful resourse. Take care of yourself and go easy on yourself. I hope you have a great dr. and he will take good care of you and respect your wishes. Big hugs!

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I'm soo sorry for both of your losses. Take care of yourself. Put yourself first. I can't help you with the divorce situation any, but I found what really helped me after my miscarriage was to put myself in another situation. I joined weight watchers because I needed to lose the weight. It gave me something else to focus on. Maybe joining us here is exactly what you need. But take care of yourself!!! (((HUGS)))

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I am so very sorry for all that you are going through. Please come here and let it out as you need.