New here, first m/c (child ment)

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New here, first m/c (child ment)

I am in the process of miscarrying. This is my 2nd pregnancy, my son is 2. I stared bleeding Tuesday and went to the ER. I should have been 8 Weeks, beta and u/s did not show that. I went to my OB yesterday. I only had a sac, no baby, that measured 5 weeks 4 days. The betas showed that too. I have light bleeding and minor cramping, nothing unbearable. I have a d&c Tuesday morning. I don't think I can wait it out and let it go naturally I need closure. I don't know what to expect with the d&c has anyone had one here?

I am an emotional wreck, I am sad, mad, lost. I just want to scream. I have found comfort in eating tons of junk food since this has started. That is all that helps.

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Robin, I am so sorry. ((((hugs))))

I know it doesn't help, but everything you are feeling is normal.

I don't think there is anything sadder or more stressful than waiting for a pregnancy to end -- one where there will not be a baby to hold and watch grow up.

I have had a d&c and I have had a miscarriage progress naturally. There are pro's and con's to each choice.

For my d&c, the doctor asked how I wanted to proceed. I chose a general. When I woke up I was a little crampy. I bled minimally. I was very moody and emotionally as my hormones readjusted. About six weeks later I had a quite heavy first period. Then things were back to normal physically.

Although very few people knew about my pregnancy, I grieved intensely for some time. The grief does go through stages -- denial, anger, sadness, acceptance, remembrance.

Please post often and let us know how you are doing and how we can help.

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Big hugs! I'm so sorry!

Like you, I lost my 2nd pregnancy. It is hard to know you are no longer pregnant but still haven't miscarried yet. I understand that. Please take care of yourself in the days to come. Let anyone who wants to help do so.

Feel free to post your vents and feeling here if it helps, there are so many feelings during this time.

Again - big hugs to you. :bigarmhug:


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I am so sorry you are going through this. It makes it even more difficult when it becomes a long and drawn out process. Sending you hugs and prayers.

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(((((((HUGS)))))) Robin, sending you more positive thoughts and prayers.


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So sorry to hear of your loss :bigarmhug: I, too, had an empty sac (as well as an ectopic, but for now I will just talk about the empty sac) and it made me feel 'empty,' if that makes sense. I hope all went well with your d&c and you feel able to move on now. How are you feeling?


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Physically better but not 100%. Still tired and bleeding lightly. I had the d&c Tuesday. I am not there mentally. I am having trouble dealing with my 2 yr old DS. I just don't have the patience. I feel so bad for him. I just fell lost and angry. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep all day and I can't do that unfortunately. I was sleeping pretty well since I have been so tired, but last night I had trouble sleeping and am exhausted today. I just eant to wake up and not have any memory of it all.

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I hope that every day has brought and will bring you closer to healing.