New here, looking for some advice about my m/c

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New here, looking for some advice about my m/c

Hi everyone,

I only found out a week ago I was pregnant, it was a complete surprise because I have an IUD, my beta that day was 44 (Friday), then some spotting on Monday, a beta test on Tuesday was 78, more spotting on Wednesday and today. Today (Thurs) a beta test dropped down to 22 and they told me I miscarried.

They don't think any more blood tests need to be done. I wish in a way they would so I knew it was *really* over but is there any reason to doubt it? Then I'd just be going for blood tests and carrying on, probably more emotional pain than anything.

We weren't trying but the loss still hurts. I have an incompetent cervix and almost went into labor with my son at 26w so it was never the plan to get pregnant again. For some reason it feels like she was a girl even though I was only 5wks along. Silly I know.

Anyway, I just want to know, should I be requesting more tests or does this seem enough to you? I'm still bleeding and cramping.

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I'm sorry to hear you're going through this too. I'm still cramping and waiting my miscarriage out, so I have no advice but am here with you. I'm full of questions too and hope this will all be part of the past soon. Hang in there!

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I am sorry for your loss. I know many women who name their babies, it is a way of bonding. I do not find it silly at all that you feel it was a girl, trust your gut.
Please add her to our memorial list on this board so she will live on.

Did your doctor say anything about an U/S being you have an IUD?

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I-m so happy Thank you. I appreciate that.

They did do an u/s, both to check my IUD and to see if they could see the baby. The IUD is still in place (how that does happen?) but they did not see the baby. The doctor said it could have been ectopic but if it was they weren't concerned because my beta dropped. Or else it was still too soon to see her.

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So sorry to hear about your loss.
I had a strong feeling about our recent m/c baby's gender as well. I don't think it is silly at all.

I would say with your betas and the Dr's opinion, you should be fine...although I'm no expert by any means!
I also know what it's like to wonder about stuff and want to make sure, 100% sure that you're done with the m/c and you're back to square 1 (as opposed to in limbo).
My OB had me setup a follow up appt. to go in for 1 last u/s to make sure the uterus was clear.

I know what you mean about not trying but the loss still hurts. I feel kind of sad that when we first realized we were pg, we were more worried/fretting than overjoyed and excited. We both took the loss pretty hard...I hope the recovery (emotionally and physically) goes well for you.

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