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New Here m/c ment

Hello I'm Cheri (26) my SO is Dave (38 ) We have had three losses.
Our first was our son Devin Thomas who was born 4-26-02 at 17w5d due to PROM and infection. Our second loss was 4-21-07 at 6 weeks my HCG levels just never doubled then started falling.

I just recently had my third miscarraige (it started sunday and really started yesterday). I was 8 weeks 1 day as of sunday. The pregnancy was going so great or so I thought. Numbers were low but doubling wonderfully. Had some spotting that doctor said was due to a sensitive cervix. Then on sunday I started having red bleeding. Went to the ER was told my cervix was closed but was passing some clots. The bleeding stopped after around 2 hours and I was sent home on bed rest. I had a Drs appt on monday where I was told everything looked good but was told to 'wait and see' I had my u/s on tuesday where the tech found nothing in my uterus. Sad I had my HCGs rechecked and they went down from 8,800 on sunday to 335 on thursday. Dr confirmed my miscarraige.

Since this was my third miscarraige the doctor is ordering a miscarriage panel. (blood work) I'm hoping they are going to refer me to a high risk specialist to find out why this is happening. Hopefully it is something easy to fix or something preventable. We are not planning on TTC until after the first of the year to give my body and mind time to heal. Hopefully by then we'll know why this is happening.

Has anyone else had this testing done? What should I expect? What should I ask? What needs to be done?

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I have no clue what to ask for.I do want to say I am sorry for your losses.

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I am sorry for you loss. I haven't had testing so I am not sure what is involved. I lost my daughter in June due to an incompettent cervix.

Come here anytime the ladies are wonderful. They will help you.


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When they tested me (after my first loss, but I have serious family history) they pretty much just checked for clotting disorders and a couple of auto-immune problems. Sometimes they'll do a thyroid check on you (I had gotten that done about two months before I miscarried), and sometimes they'll do genetic testing. Not that they can treat genetic problems AFAIK, but I guess it would be good to know??

I'll tell you, though, when I went in for that bloodwork they must have taken half my supply of blood. And they want you fasting, too, so I really felt miserable after it was over. If you have low blood pressure or don't do well getting your blood drawn, it might be good to get someone else to drive you there!

My bloodwork all came back negative, so my two losses are still unexplained. Hopefully you will find something treatable that will enable you to have many healthy babies!

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I am so very sorry for all of your losses. I have not had the blood work so I cannot give you any aswers about that. I hope that you find the answers that you need and that your mind and body heal as you deserve.


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I am sorry for your losses. I don't know anything about the bloodwork.

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I am so very sorry for your losses. I've had 2 m/c's and they have done alot of testing. They did an HSG (to make sure your tubes are clear), Hysteroscopy (to remove prior scarring), and alot of bloodwork, including: Thyroid, FSH, Estradiol, Progesterone, all of these at different stages of your cycle. They found that I had a slightly elevated thyroid level, so put me on meds. Definitely have the docs do all the testing that can be done, because normally it is something that can be corrected.