New here (m/c mentioned)

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New here (m/c mentioned)

My name is Christi and I've been on the October 08 board lately, but am coming over here after my doctor called yesterday with bad news. My hcg and progesterone are dropping and the doctor says a m/c is "imminent". This will be the third m/c for me and DH. We are heartbroken and just want some answers. Has anyone else suffered multiple miscarriages in a row with no living children? What kind of answers did you get? Have you had successful pregnancies afterwords?

Thanks for any direction you can give me. We don't even know where to start.


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I don't know if this will offer you any hope, but a very close friend of mine has two healthy children. They have been trying for a third since June, and have had three m/c. Hopefully you will get some answers now, since they will do some testing. Have you and your DH had genetic screenings at all? Do some research online. There is a wealth of info out there. Three is kind of the "magic" number, if you will. At that point, you begin to get taken seriously about m/c. But you will still hear time and time again that humans are just really bad at having babies, and your risk for m/c is always high. I too have two healthy children, and then suffered a m/c at almost 16 weeks pregnant. None of us are immune to it. I hope you get some answers, but don't give up!!! :bighug:

I am so sorry for all your losses.

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I am so sorry for your losses...i've been lurking on the Oct 08 board and was very happy for you when I saw you were p/g. I hope you get some answers-no one knows why things happen the way they do but there is so much research out there now. Hopefully they can find some answers. Take care and if you need us, we are all here for you!

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I am sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage on Friday. It was my first, but we were not trying to conceive. Even though it was an unplanned pregnancy, I am still sad that our baby is gone. We had already chosen names for it. I want to get pregnant again right away, but my fiance wants to wait four more years. Good luck to you on your trying to conceive journey. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I'm sorry for your losses. Have you had any testing done? Pathology or Chromosome?
Wish I had more helpful info and answers for you.


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I am sorry for your loss. One of our moderators (mom@41) had nine miscarriages and just delivered a very healthy baby boy. I don't know her back story, but she is living proof that there is always hope.

I hope that you find the answers that you need.


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Just to add to what Shelly said....


regarding my back story...I had no living children prior to Kadens recent birth....No answers for my losses were given (with the exception of one of my twins having a trisomy 14 issue...And some far fetched commonality issues between dh and I...That said, the latter was proven not to be accurate) ...had all the testing..My RE put me on precautionary drugs (800mg of progesterone, extra folic acid, baby aspirin..usual pre nat vit) And I put myself on LOTS of prayer for healing....

Go get all the testing done if you have not done so....see a reproductive endocronologist if you are able...If not, ask your OB for testing to be done on you, and your dh.....This would be a good place to start.

I am so very sorry for all your losses Sad :bighug:

There is always hope...My Kaden is proof of that..


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I am so sorry sweetie! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had two early losses in a row and after much testing they found two blood clotting disorders. If you have any questions about the tests I was sent for please PM me.

I highly recommend testing, they look for things like Thyroid problems, immunological problems and blood clotting disorders. But please keep in mind that this doesn't garauntee they will have an answer for you. They still don't know enough so many, many women suffer losses without ever knowing the cause. But I really hope you find some answers!

I wish you much luck on your journey hun!


I also see a perinatal specialist that my OB sent me to before we tried again. He sent me for more tests and confirmed my clotting disorder diagnosis. He then came up with a plan for me and DH for when we tried again and then to follow through with when we conceived. I'm now 25 wks along and am constantly monitored by both my OB and Specialist.

I'm currently in pursuit of my happy ending, I wish you the best!!!!