new here-quest about mc?

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new here-quest about mc?

Hi! I am new to this sight. I had a loss in 1997, my son Christopher was born at 24 weeks due to me having an incompetent cerivix. Well, 10 years later and 6 cerclages, loads of bedrest and brethine, we are blessed with 6 kids (3 girls and 3 boys ages ranging from 9-1 year old my youngest turned 1 yesterday). Jan 8th of this year, I found out I was pregnant again, unexpectedly! I was upset and didnt know where we would get the money the room in the car, etc etc with 7 kids. Then I felt excited, so happy, I got to have another baby in the house (closing the child bearing chapter is a hard thing for me to swallow yet). Well, I had my first ob apt, went great, my hcg level was good at 2900, my scan showed an early pregnancy with just a gestational sac. Well, repeat beta wasnt so good 3600, and the third still not so good only 4600 in 4 days. The second scan (at 6 weeks) showed a growing gestational sac and a yolk sac, still no fetal pole. The doc has informed me she cant technically call it a failed pregnancy yet cuz the numbers are still going up, but they are not going up appropriately and I should be prepared for a mc. Now the quest, If I am to mc (I have not had any symptoms of it happening yet) will I likely be ok to mc on my own at home? Or is it more common to have extensive bleeding and to need to go to the hospital for a d&C? My dh is going to Florida all next week, I will be home alone with my kids. My doc has no clue when or if I will mc. I have to go back on Feb 4th for a repeat scan if I havent mc before then. I just dont know what to expect, I hate waiting for "doomsday" its torture!

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Hi. I am so sorry you are going through this. Your story sounds a little similar to mine. I got bad news and didn't have any signs of m/c at all. However, a few days later I started spotting and ended up miscarrying at home. It was painful at times and a little scary in that I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't need to go to the hospital. I will say that I did bleed a lot and at one point I questioned whether or not I should go in. It was in the middle of the night, DH wasn't being supportive, and I really didn't want to spend time in the ER with potentially unsympathetic docs/nurses. It would have been more of a precaution and I would of course have gone in if I was genuinely really worried. Unfortunately, less than 76 hours later, I ended up with a D&C too. It's been two days and I'm barely bleeding at all and in no pain. Emotionally I'm hurting, but not physically.
I'll be thinking of you. I don't know how common it is to miscarry at home and need to be rushed to the ER. I'm sorry your husband is going to be away. Maybe a good friend can come over and be with you. I wanted to add that I started lightly spotting Sun night and miscarried Tues. night. I may be wrong, but I think that for some women the process can be a lot longer.
Hugs to you. KUP if you can. I know the wait can be excruciating.

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I am very sorry for your loss and what you are going though now. All of my losses have happened the way you are describing and I have been able to naturally m/c all three. I havent needed a d&c for any of them. Since there is no fetal pole they told me there is not much to pass. With my first one I bled very heavy for one day and had like a mod period for about 2 weeks. The second one I had like anywhere from light to mod bleeding for about 5 weeks. Then my most recent loss I bled fairly really light for about a week and heavy for 1 day. So IF its going to happen (which I pray that it doesnt for you) its probably nothing you cant do at home. However I have always been told if you are soaking more than 1 pad per hour go to the ER.

I am very sorry you are going through this. The "waiting" for it to happen is very hard! I really hope things work out for you!

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Hi, I'm sorry your having to go through this.
You should try and see if there is someone who is willing to be with you while your DH is away. I would not have been able to go it alone at home. And if something does (heaven forbid) go wrong, there will be someone with you to help rather than panicking on your own.
I did have my m/c at home but my DH was with me the whole time. I didn't beed much at all-like a mod AF really-, and the pain was only really bad for about 4/5 hours. And it's just been a week now and I have no bleeding/spotting and there is no phisical pain.
I was told that unless I am soaking pads then your fine to be at home.

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Hi, sweetie. As you can see, there are some friendly faces here that you already know. I'm so sorry you had to find this board, but it's a very supportive group of ladies here.

I would highly recommend that you try to find someone to be with you, or at least be close by incase you need them. For one thing, you will probably want some help caring for your kids while you're going through the miscarriage. I wasn't able to miscarry naturally, I had to have a D&C, but I know I would not have been in any shape mentally or physically to take care of anyone else while it was happening. I also needed a few days to just lie in bed and be sad.

There's probably no way to predict if you'll be able to miscarry at home or whether you'll need to go in for a D&C, so I would say you should make a plan for each scenario, especially since there are other kids that will need to be looked after.

Is there anyway your husband can delay his trip to Florida?

Again, I'm so sorry you're going through this. If you have any more questions or just need a friendly ear of someone who understands, please feel free to PM me.


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I am sorry that you are going through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers.