New here - recent loss and now an infection any hope

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New here - recent loss and now an infection any hope

About 3 weeks ago I went for a routine check and they found no heart beat of our little suprise baby that had a strong heart beat at 6 weeks. Our little one passed away at 9 weeks and I don't think I've ever felt such grief before. I wasn't prepared for it and while searching around I found this site. I wasn't able to post at that time emotionally or really read anything, but now I feel a little stronger and thought I'd try to post and participate.

I had a D&C and then ended up with an infection and spent some time in the hospital and had another D&C to remove inflamed tissue. I'm a well controlled type 1 diabetic, but I still have an infection and just got another round of antibiotics and I am doing better, but I'm starting to get real worried I won't be able to have another child. I would love to hear if anybody could share some success stories that there is hope after this.

Thanks and I hope I didn't violate any rules. I tried to make sure I mentioned the words, but if I did please feel free to edit any offending comments.

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Oh sweetie! I am so sorry!!!! I don't have much insight, but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss!!!!

My mom had 5 losses and still had 2 kids! I hope that gives you some hope!!!!

Just take time to take care of yourself and grieve!

Much love hun!

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My dh is a type 1 diabetic it is not easy. Have you talked to your GP about having subsequent pregnancies? I know as a type 1 diabetic you will face more challenges in carrying a baby but if you monitor your glucosse I would think you will be fine.

Take Care

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I am so very sorry for your loss. I am unfamiliar with a diabetic pregnancy so have no insight there. I am sorry. However, please, participate here as much as you are able. These ladies are truly wonderful.


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I am so sorry for your loss. I'm glad you decided to come out and post though sweetie. This board has been amazing for my healing through both of my losses.


I'm sorry i dont have any advice to offer regarding and subsequent pregnancies for you. The only thing i would recommend to anyone who has any doubts about their fertility is charting your cycles to see if you are definately ovulating etc. Then if you do have problems and you have to see a fertility doctor you will be ahead of the game and can show them your charting history. They would only ask you to do that anyway.

Perhaps one of the other ladies might be able to offer some advice from personal experience.

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I don't know much about infections. But my best friend is Type 1 Diabetic and was able to deliver a beautiful little girl last December. She did come a little early and was tiny but she pulled through just great and mom was fine too. She is a little miracle baby.

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I am so sorry for you loss. I worked with a lady who was severely diabetic. She would have to take shots at work sometimes and she has two boys. This really isn't easy, I'm new here too. But I can tell you that in the few weeks since we found out, I went from crushed, to angry and everything in between, but I have talked to so many women who have gone through something similar and the people on this board are a great help. The more I talk about it, the better it is for me. Maybe that will help it some for you too...

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TTC and m/c

Thank you everybody. It helps knowing that when I type here people understand without me feeling like I have to explain. I'm not good with words, but I see others posting with the exact feelings I have and I feel comfort in knowing that I don't have to explain myself.

My endo and OB said my numbers were perfect during my pregnancy and that my diabetes or hypothyroid was not a reason for the m/c which did help me feel better as I kept wondering if it was something I did wrong. Unfortunately I don't know what or why as the pathology showed nothing.

After reading here I've decided to name the baby Mirabeau as it seems to have helped some of you to name them - I know a little odd choice of name, but it has some history between me and DH and was a joke between us and DH saying that his first child was going to be named that and I said I was going to hold him to it. We did refer to the baby with that name and used it when we told DH's parents as they knew the story behind it so I think it is the most fitting although not what we would have named the baby most likely.

I was doing good until yesterday emotionally (though the first week was a lot worse). However I did that mainly by trying to not talk about the baby and what happened and focusing on other things (picking finishes for a spec house we bought and my current physical problems). Yesterday though came crashing down again as I found out that I still have an infection and I keep worrying that this will be it for my chance to have a child.

DH and I have been together for 5 years and will celebrate our 2 year anniversary on Oct 15. Sad . I'm 36 (37 next month) and DH 38 (39 the day before me). We hadn't planned this baby and it was a complete surprise and the evening I found out I had mixed feelings, but they were more fears than anything (DH and I live in separate cities during the week, but will soon live together and that was part of it along with what I'd eaten and meds I'd taken).

My DH was thrilled and wonderful in calming my fears and I just loved being pregnant with our little Miracle (we didn't think we'd have children due to my age and the diabetes even though my endo and OB has always supported it). I was supposed to go and have a Lupron injection for endometriosis the week after we found out I was prego. This was supposed to push out the chance of us even trying for 7 months and I was still trying to come to terms with that (though we'll be close to that if we try again anyways). My OB had joked that the other option was to get prego.

I got pregnant 2 weeks after having Laprascopy to remove a cyst and laser endometriosis and had spotting 3 times early on that was pink. Later there was nothing and I felt very pregnant up until the day when they found no HB. I still had sore breasts and morning sickness, however looking back I did suddenly have a bloodsugar that was more out of wack than before. Not much, but I did require more insulin than before. I should have known then something was wrong, but I also had some UTI symptoms so thought that could be part of it as an infection increases my bloodsugars too.

We had a strong HB at 5w5d and all my blood tests were showing no signs of anything wrong. At 9w4d I went for a check before traveling to Europe and they couldn't find the HB. They tried first with the doppler, then exterior u/s and then the transvaginal. I was still in chock at that time. My OB recommended a D&C due to no signs yet of a natural m/c, risk of infection with being diabetic (still happened), and I think for my emotional health. I called our admin at work to find out if they could cancel the trip to Europe still in chock and she said no problem. Called DH who works 3 hrs away also in chock (I was very factual and calm at that point) and he immediately left work to come up to be with me.

We searched the web and even posted somewhere about the chances the u/s being wrong. Cried a lot together and just grieved and decided as soon as we could we would try for another child. That night I called my doc's cellphone and asked about the HB and u/s being wrong. She did say she was sure it wasn't, but would make sure we had another u/s before the D & C and if we didn't feel comfortable at any time to do it that we could cancel up until the point of getting the anesthesia. We did get the u/s right before and because the machine used for that was clearer than in the OB's office we could clearly see that it was true and went ahead with the D & C.

Thanks for letting me type my story even though it is long, but it helps me feel better.

Our little miracle angel
Mirabeau 9w (9/2/07), EDD 4/6/08

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:bighug: :bighug:

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I'm so sorry for your loss! :bigarmhug:

Of course, I don't know how severe your infection was, or what damage was done, but the fact that you were treated promptly and are being closely followed by your doc is very good. Many people have silent infections for months or years before being treated, and many of them are still able to conceive. My aunt was one of them. Also, the fact that your diabetes is well controlled is great. Most of the risk from a diabetic pregnancy comes from uncontrolled blood sugars.


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I am so sorry for your loss.:bighug:

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Thank you!!

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Sorry for your loss. I hope the infection has cleared up and that you are feeling better. I am a diabetic too and luckily I did not develop and infection after my D/C. Take care of yourself.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that the infection can be cleared up quickly. When you are ready, you may want to check out the TTC After a Loss board. I would think that once the infection is cleared up, it shouldn't affect your chances of having a healthy pg in the future.

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Thank you! And I have good news the infection seems to be going away. Still got one more week of antibiotics, but my bloodsugars are more normal (not all over the place) and no more bleeding finally. I feel better too emotionally even though I have my bad days.

What is weird to me is I can be around my friends children and even my friends 4 month old, a co-worker that is pregnant (due soon), and not feel sad, but I have a problem with seeing pregnant strangers and peoples babies I don't know, and I don't want to hear about friends trying to get pregnant.

Somehow it seems like what was there before is OK, but other things are not.

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I'm so glad things are improving for you, physically and mentally. Smile

I totally get what you mean about babies and preggos. I have no problem with those i know either, it's just strangers. I have no idea why that is, but i have heard it a lot on here, so i know we're not alone in feeling that way.