A new Message of Hope for you...

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A new Message of Hope for you...

Thank you all so much for your hugs and kind wishes on my "Dec. 11th" post: your support REALLY helped. You helped me make it through that particular day better than I have ever have before. WAY better!

You see, on this double-"angelversary" the hard facts popped into my head now and then, at different points of the day -- but whenever they did I just let my little ones rest in my mind for a couple of minutes, and then I busied myself again. And I also hopped onto the computer and looked at your messages (several times over, at those hard times during the day). It helps SO much to know that you're cared about, doesn't it? (BIG hugs to you all!).

Well here's my latest message of hope! This the first Dec. 11th (since 2002) that I didn't shed a single tear. Yes, there IS progress for us!!!

Our road to recovery from loss is long. It often has difficult bends, turns and even treacherous conditions that we have to make our way through. But as we go along, we eventually discover that the road is actually under repair. Next we see that it now has new bridges that enable us to get over obstacles that used to be in our way. From there, we discover that the road gets ever smoother and smoother, as we go, though it still has the odd bend or dip (those things that trigger us). One reason that this road gets VERY much easier to travel on is the fact that "time does heal" (for some of us faster than others -- me, I'm just a "slow learner" I think!). The other reason is this: we are on this road together.

Okay, enough poetry! I just wanted to give you all a pre-Christmas gift of hope.

Thanks again. Now Dec. doesn't quite suck (for me) as much as it used to, thanks to you!!!


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Glad that you made it through Nicole. Hugs! I am glad that the words helped you get through a difficult day, and yes, thank heavens for these boards!

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I am so happy that you are in a better place emotionally my dear. I wish you nothing but the best at all times.

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Glad that you made it through the day.

Your message of hope is beautiful and inspiring - thank you for that.

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I am glad you had a better day today. I will keep praying for you. May god bless you as you continue through this time and good luck ttc hopefully in March.