New Moderator (m/c and children mentioned)

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New Moderator (m/c and children mentioned)

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to take a few minutes and introduce myself as the new Moderator on this board. My name is Melissa and I live in Rochester, NY.
I may be getting a co-host, not sure, but I know Sarah is glued to us and will be popping in once and a while.

Just to share my story. I have had 6 early losses over 8 years. We did the whole infertility thing and still could not get pregnant. Then in November 2004, I became “paper pregnant”. After much waiting and praying we had the referral of our son, Jonathan. He was born July 2004, in Korea. Jonathan came home to his forever family in April of 2005 at eight months of age.
We were enjoying our son when I became pregnant. Alex was a huge surprise and was born around Thanksgiving 2006 after ten weeks of bed rest.
After his birth, I suffered from severe Post Partum Depression (PPD) and anxiety. I have been Moderating (on another site) PPD forum for about 15 months.

Although, I wish this forum was always empty and I was out of a job, I am honored to have the opportunity to give some comfort to you in your darkest times and share in your joys. Please PM me if you need anything, with a 2 & 4 year old I am home most nights. I would be more then happy to sit down and have a chat if you feel the need.

One rule I would like to add is about confidentiality. Since grief is such a personal thing I ask that what is said here stays here. Please do not share others member's experiences on another board with our checking with that person first. I want to make this a safe place to share our feelings.
If you have any questions or suggestions about the board, please do not be afraid to PM me. I am here for you!

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Welcome to hosting this board Melissa. Smile

I know you will be a great host and i have seen you give comfort to many women here over time, when they are going through quite possibly the darkest hour of their lives.

Missy is organising a co-host for Melissa, so that i can be freed up to host elsewhere. The time has come for me to move on, but i will always keep popping back here to see how you are all getting along.

It's so sad that this board even has to be here, but my word have i been glad of it over the past few years!