News on Marie (baby ment)

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News on Marie (baby ment)

[SIZE=5]Kaden Ross[/SIZE]
8 pounds, 4 ounces
20 inches
I received a message from her last night at around 10 pacific time.

She is hoping to post pics soon.

She had a bit of a difficult time and had to have a c-section due to the fact that she would not dilate. Due to her GD, the docs did not want to take any chances. When I received the message they were monitoring his sugars and she only saw a quick glimpse of him. Her DH was able to see him though. He had a great apgar score of 9 and is doing fine!

Thank you Lord for Kaden!

** Update as of 8:30 PST 1/16

I just spoke with Marie at the hospital. She and her DH were able to spend more time with Kaden. However, he is still being closely monitored in the hospital nursery for his fluxuating sugar levels. They need his sugar levels to be more consistent. She is not scheduled to leave the hospital anytime soon and is understandably frustrated with not being able to care for Kaden. Her DH is planning on posting pics of Kaden today.

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That's awesome news! Thanks for the update. I will keep the family in my prayers and hopefully his sugar levels will stablize soon.


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Thank you so much for the post. I will keep them in my prayers or rather i will extend my prayers a bit for Kaden to have a qyuick recoevery. TY so much


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THanks for the update. They are in my prayers!!!

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Thanks for the update. I will be keeping Marie, Kaden, and family in my thoughts.


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Marie - I am so beyond happy for you and your DH!! When I first came here, you were so supportive and kind and I am so glad that your beautiful Kaden is here! I will continue to keep you all in my prayers!

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Congrats Marie!!!!!! and Welcome Kaden!!!!!!!!!! I have to second PP here...Marie, you have ALWAYS been supportive of me and everyone here and you deserve the BEST!!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!!!!


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Oh Marie!!!! I am over the moon for you right now. I know in my heart that the sugar levels will even themselves out. I can't wait to see pics of that handsome little man!!