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I took a little nap this afternoon and had a nightmare for the first time since Gabi's death. I don't remember the details, but I know it was about Gabi and I woke up feeling so scared and so sad.

Did anyone else have bad dreams re: loss? I don't want to be afraid to go to sleep.

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I have had a few, it is so much on your mind I think it is only natural for it to come out in your dreams.

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I had a lot for the first few months after losing Damien. Well, once I was no longer numb the nightmares came.

I get them every once in a while still but they aren't as incapacitating as they used to be.

I am sorry that you are having them and hope that they get better soon.

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I got them right after my losing my daughter at 16 weeks gestation. I can tell you that after a year I still get them but they aren't as upsetting or scary. Time will make you feel better, you will never forget her and you will always think about her and what "should have been" but things do get easier. Give yourself time to heal and let yourself FEEL whatever comes your way.

Thinking of you,

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I am getting a lot of them. They sent me home from the hospital with medication to help me sleep. I really don't care to take meds so have tried several nights not to take any and those nights are so restless, many of them I would wake crying and re-hashing the delivery in my dream and more so in my head once I woke. I do take the meds but have cut them in half to get somewhat of a decent night (only waking 1-2 times). I hope these vanish soon for you but do know that you are not alone and from what I understand this is normal.


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Ive had a few as well. I think its only natural. Big hugs none the less.