Not going to post as much

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Not going to post as much

Ladies, last night I had an awaking. I have wasted 7 months of my life grieving, crying, panic, and depressed. These are 7 months that I will not get back, 7 months that I have neglected my husband, home, and family. Sarah said something that struck a cord, I spend entirely too much time dreading and dwelling in my losses. Things that I can not change. Therefore I am not going to be posting here as much. I will still linger around and by all means if you need me I am only a pm away. You have become such a great support system for me through this time and for that I thank you. I will be on the IVF boards and TTCafter loss boards, not that I am ready, but to help refocus me that I can be pregnant again one day and that hope is still there.

Thank you so much for all your advice and guidance, I would not have gotten through the first month of my loss without you ladies. I need to push myself to try to get better physically and emotionally and I think spending less time on the boards and more in reality will help.

It is going to be hard because you ladies are my cyber sisters but I need to get stronger on my own. This is not goodbye but good luck at all.


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Robin-I completely understand where you are coming from. I wish you the best of luck TTC when you are ready. You have been a great support for me and I truly appreciate your kind words. Take care and keep us posted. I hope all of your dreams come true this year!


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Robin, I completely get, and I think you are absolutely right. As time heals us, we need to allow that to happen, and sometimes it is very hard to do when you are allowed to continue to wallow, so to speak. Sometimes we just need someone to make us realize it is time to move on. Though it's hard, it is definitely the best thing. You know you will never forget, but you need to move forward and refocus on happier things.

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Hi Robin,

This is a big step for you. This board is always here if and when you need it. As you know I am always here as well.


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I am so proud of you! I agree with Antoinette, this is a big step for you. If you need anything, I'm always just a PM away.


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We're always here for you Robin.


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I look forward to being with you on TTCAL

I am glad to see you doing what you have to do for you.


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THough this may sound strange to say, but congratulations on this big step of yours. ANd dont feel bad if you sometimes get bouts of grieving at some point, we all do even years later. GL and hope you peek in.


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Wishing you loads of luck for when you TTC again. Im glad you are feeling like you can start to post a little less, and I hope you continue to heal with time.