And now I'm bleeding again (vent)

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And now I'm bleeding again (vent)

Arrgh! A month later, I'm still getting BFPs and bleeding, even though the u/s was clear.

At least the tests are getting fainter, so I know something is happening. It's weird that I started bleeding again on day 27 after the m/c because that's when I would have got my period. I would have assumed that's what it was if it wasn't for the constant stream of positive HCG tests.


That's all...I just needed to say that.

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ugh how frustrating!!!!! I wonder if the hcg could be because of that small bit of tissue the tech saw? Didnt the dr say it shouldnt be a prob though? I cant wait to stop bleeding and testing positive, i wish our bodies would go back to normal too!!!!

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:bigarmhug: How frustrating!

Thinking about you.

Lily Maria Kathleen :angel1: August 10, 2007

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I'm so sorry! I know you are very frustrated. Hang in there! Smile


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I know how frustrating it is :bighug: Your body seems to possibly cleaning a small amount of poc that may not have been seen via ultrasound out.

Lets hope after it stops that you pull a BFN.


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So sorry to hear this. My D&C was a few weeks earlier than yours, and I just found out today that I must have poc left over as a blood HCG came back positive (and we've been using protection as instructed). it was really hard for me to hear, so I am sure it frustrating and upsetting for you also. I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and you aren't alone.


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Thanks, girls. I'm trying to stay positive that maybe this will mean a BFN soon.

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Oh honey. I am so sorry. I can only imagine how frustrated you must be right now. Hang in there.