Now we're getting somewhere!

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Now we're getting somewhere!

Following up on my recent threads, I met with both MP's whom I had written to about getting Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (Oct 15th) officially recognized here in Australia too.

I know politicians are politicians, but these women have solid reputations in our rural area -- if you're in a small place, you have to 'walk the walk', you know? So I saw sincerity in their eyes when we met -- with one just yesterday, and the other last week.

Here's the update. Both of these women:

1. Said they'd each read this motion out in Parliament. (One of them is also going to read out a 3~5 minute speech she wants me to write).
2. Said they'd issue press releases, to draw public attention to the petitions they have placed in their offices (to get Oct 15th officially recognized Down Under).
3. Suggested I speak with the press too and 'drop their names' -- to give a local face to this tragedy. Again, to attract signatures on the petitions.
4. Told me -- point blank - -that they had no idea how widespread and unaddressed this problem is, until I wrote to them. Now they've grabbed it with both hands because it's also a good political move for them (as I see it): it's "pure" -- there's no controversy.There's no cost either -- just social welfare, tug at the heart strings stuff.

So it looks like we're on a roll now. Unfortunately these 2 MP's doubt it will get passed in time for Oct 15th this year, but I told them I half-expected that. As long as it eventually does, I'll be satisfied.

Cool, eh? I just wanted to share this update with you, and thank you all again for your support. Thanks for helping me 'sink my teeth into' the matter, when I felt let down -- for encouraging me to just go up there and be 'in their face' about it. I did what you said, and now look where it's got us all! (you see, I feel like you're all right here with me).

By the way, I'll be posting up a link to a petition here very soon (like Sarah did to help make it mandatory to have Vasa Praevia U/S detection). Of course, this will be a petition to help get Oct 15th recognized here in Oz. Watch this space!

Thanks again,

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YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to hear that it is officially recognized "down under" too.

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Wow! Nicole you are a true inspiration. Thank you for doing that on behalf of so many families around the world especially the ones Down Under.


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Thanks, Shelly and Antionette -- your words are very kind.

I feel humbled, and cared about.


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that is awesome! once you get your speech together, please share it with us! Are you going to contact the local media as well? You are awesome! You are helping more women than you will ever know!

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That's awesome, Nicole! Keep us posted on everything. I'd love to read your speech as well.


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What you have done is just AMAZING!!!!! WoW!! I will stay tuned Smile

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Woo-hoo. I hope it keeps going and follows through. You go girl!