Now what? TTC mention

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Now what? TTC mention

A nurse from my DR's office said I should wait for at least one regular AF before trying again. So how long does it typically take for AF to arrive after a loss? I dont know why I had a loss so I dont know if there is something wrong with me or my DH. I am hoping it was just a flukey thing since we have conceived before and gone to term. But I am so scared to try again because what if the next one doesnt stick either? Has anyone here had a loss then gone on to get PG again? How long did it take you? Thanks so much for your help!

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It usually takes 4-6 wks for first AF to come...

I have not gone onto having a successful pregnancy yet (so, I do understand your fears of worrying about the next one sticking) ...Though, I think I am an unusual case..

That said, there are more then a few ladies on the preg after a loss board that have had 1, 2, and 3 losses in a row. They are well into their pregnancy's now..All seems to be going well for them.

So yes! I would say there is a tremendous amount of hope to have a successful preg after a loss/es. And I certainly still have that hope for myself!! even after 9..


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I have had several losses and am currently pg right now - I lost my first at 28 weeks - unknown reason, I lost twins at 12 weeks - unknown reason, and I'm currently 24 weeks so I just keep my fingers crossed.

My dr said at least one if not two AF's before you try to conceive again after a m/c - after my 28 week loss I had to wait three months so physically I was ready plus I didn't have my AF until 6 - 8 weeks after so....

I'm sorry for your loss and hope the best for the future.


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PG Ment...

I'm pregnant now, but I lost my first at 20 weeks. The cause was unknown. For me, I waited to have two nomal AFs (my doc recommended 3, but was fine with 2) and got lucky on the first try.

I so understand how difficult this is. I admit that I am scared pretty much constantly, but I knew I was ready to try again when that fear was overshadowed by the hope that someday I can bring a baby home with me.

Just give yourself time to heal and take good care. I'm so sorry for your loss. :comfort:

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PG/Child ment

I had an early loss with #1. I was so wracked with grief that I couldn't wait. I concieved #2 just a couple weeks afterwards. There were a few problems with the pregnancy and she had to come early. I know that it is very probably that my next pregnancies will also have problems.

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TTC/Preg ment

I got my AF 5 weeks to the day after my m/c. We are now TTC. It is scary, but i have hope that my next pregnancy will be succusful.

FYI, you might want to check out the Pregnant After a Loss Board. Sometimes i lurk on the board becuase it makes me feel good to see ladies going on to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

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Thanks for the responses girls, I feel like I have hope Biggrin Congratulations and best wishes to you all in your pregnancies! I admit, I am anxious for AF so I can start trying again. I am not trying to replace, I just want back what I had. I have a Dr appt on Wed to get checked out and make sure things are on track. Wed will be 2 weeks since my m/c started. Then I just have to wait for AF and then hope for the best!

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I know plenty of women, in real life and on boards like this, who have miscarriages then go on to have healthy babies. I am really hoping I will be just like them! Just give yourself as much time as you need to recover emotionally before you TTC again.