Oct 15th Pg & Infant Loss Day Events! Plz read!

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Oct 15th Pg & Infant Loss Day Events! Plz read!

October 15th and throughout the remainder of this month, we at Pregnancy.org will be honoring the memory of all of our little ones that have been lost too soon... whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, or beyond through other causes. For those that have experienced this type of tragedy, we hope this aids you on your path of healing. For everyone else, please know that you are able (and encouraged) to participate in these events as your support can be crucial to your family and friends (online and off!) as they work through this journey. We have pulled together chat events, grief resources, tributes, graphics for your signatures, dedicated threads, and more. Please read more below.

Here are some ways you can join in this year's events:

Signature Banners, Buttons, and other Graphics: Add one of these images to your signature throughout the month of October to show your support or to remember your own losses. Have one you are willing to share? Please post it on this thread for use by your fellow members!

Remembering Our Babies: Drop by to add your story, poems, favorite songs that aided in your journey, and more on our Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support board. Haven't experienced a loss but still want to offer your thoughts, prayers, and support for others? You are welcome to post here too!

Click to visit our Memorial Wall: You can search through all of our previous entries or email us to have your own tribute added.

Please join us for a time to share, remember, gain & give support, and more. This time offers so much in our personal healing journeys. We hope that you are encouraged to drop in -- even for a few minutes! Click the banner to join chat now!

There were three things that Michelle Myers-Walters always dreamed of: making music, writing, and being a mother. Michelle has given birth to seven children, although she has experienced eight pregnancies. Her life was turned upside down in January of 2004 when she lost her seventh baby. Experiencing the loss of an unborn child taught Michelle so much more than she could ever imagine. She was inspired to write down what she had learned for other women who were on similar journeys. Her book I Didn’t Miscarry Her…She Died will be released on November 15th, 2009. Join us for this candlelight vigil event (don't forget to light your candle beginning at 7 p.m. in your time zone!) as we learn more about Michelle's journey as well as share more of our own stories of loss and finding a path towards healing. Click to join chat now! (Read more about this chat event & Michelle's book on our Pregnancy & Infant Loss board.)

For over 10 years, we (in the Admin team) have been taking part in Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day every October 15th & raising awareness throughout the month of October. We remain grateful to the founders of this movement for their continued strides to get this day / month recognized & all of those lost too soon remembered & honored. Please join thousands throughout the world by taking part in the "wave of light". Light your candle at 7 p.m. in your time zone to show your support. Also click on the banner to visit October15th.com and learn more on how you can help further this cause.

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Board: Experiencing the tragedy of a pregnancy or infant loss can *feel* like a very lonely grief process. Those around you -- including caring family and friends -- all too often truly do not understand. Even your partner may not grasp exactly what you are going through and you may find that they opt to grieve far differently than you. Don't go it alone however. Support and understanding IS available here on our Pregnancy & Infant Loss board from others that have "been there, done that"... some more than once. Discover a haven for sharing that emotional rollercoaster of anger, grief, fear, and more. Find others that can aid you in finding your personal path of healing (as there is no "one size fits all" approach.)

Grief & Loss Resources: We have assembled many articles from a variety of authors, experts, and members like you. Click on our most recent or browse through all to see what we have to offer.

For all of you that have suffered a loss at any age, stage.. for any reason... know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. If there is any way that we can offer you additional support please visit us on our Pregnancy & Infant Loss support board or drop me a note at [EMAIL=missyj@pregnancy.org]missyj@pregnancy.org[/EMAIL].