off topic: PMS/crying/migraine

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off topic: PMS/crying/migraine

Hi ladies. I have posted this other places but you have been a great support and I thought you could help. This is the 2nd month that I have broken down right before my period. I have a migraine crying spells and my anxiety goes through the roof. I got on BC bills last month thinking they would help but they are not. I never had any of these problems before delivering Rebecca and am wondering if you guys have any of these problems and what you and your doctor have done for them. I have a OB appt tomorrow but am desperate for some answers today. Is this common to change after having a baby? I am 32 and never had pms before. It has been 4 months since I gave birth and lost Rebecca and it (hormones) seem to be getting worse not better. Any thoughts?


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I have heard that your menstrual cycle eventually will go back to the way it was prior to pregnancy. That said, in some women, it does not...It stays forever changed...

I wish I could be of more help.....Maybe one of the other ladies will have more info share?:bighug:


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The time before a period can be so hard with the hormones, the PMS and not to mention the reminders it brings us. I am so sorry these days are hard for you. I read your other post as well. I think seeing a psychologist will give you a safe place to let it all out. We could all use one in our lives now and then. Someone to look at things from a different perspective and validate our feelings can really help in the road to healing.

I am sorry your cycles are so messed up. Hopefully if the BC pills works as they should they will regulate your cycles soon. It probably will take a little bit longer for you body to regulate itself properly on them. Here's to hoping it works itself out soon.

In my thoughts today... take care of yourself.

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I have menstrual migraines and have had them for years. If they get bad enough I take Midrin or Fioricet. Also rubbing the webbing between the thumb and pointer finger helps some. It took about three months before the birth control pills started making a noticeable difference for me. I also had to cut back a lot on the caffeine during the "PMS time". I hope that helps. I hope that your o.b. can help. Shelly