One year(child ment, ttc ment)

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One year(child ment, ttc ment)

A year ago today I started spotting/bleeding. I can't believe it's been a whole year, and I'm still not pregnant. We went to my stepdaughter's Christmas concert last night and wierd as it sounds that brought a replay of that night to my head. It was at her concert that I started getting bad cramps and bleeding and that's the night I ended up in the ER. It was just wierd being back in that same place. Seems like my life, in some ways, was put on hold after the loss and it won't get back on track again until I'm pregnant. She loves babies and when I see her with our new niece it about breaks my heart. I just want to move on with my life and I'm hoping for a Christmas BFP. I so want my 3 year old to become a big sister. I know this probably all sounds selfish and is basically just rambling but I can't seem to get things out of my head so I thought I'd attempt typing them out. I still lurk around here and I'm so sad everytime I see someone new that needs support. I'm glad there is always a wonderful group of ladies here to lend an ear, I just wish none of us had to go through this.


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I am so sorry to hear about your loss and to hear that you haven't had any luck getting pregnant yet.

Sending hugs and baby dust your way.

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I am really sorry this date had to pass without a new pregnancy for you.


Seems like my life, in some ways, was put on hold after the loss and it won't get back on track again until I'm pregnant.

This is exactly how i feel too. Everything i do, every day, is just filling time until we can get back to living and that to me means being pregnant again.

Sarah. x

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I'm sorry. :bighug:

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I am so sorry that you are going through this again. I wish you peace and serenity.


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hugs Teresa. I'm so sorry that your anniversary had to pass without you being able to be growing a little one. Sad

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Thanks for all the kind words. I just never expected it to take this long. I'm so glad this board is here that I can come back to. People don't remember these milestones so I feel like I'm in my own little world right now. No one remembered my EDD in June and no one has said anything about the year mark of the loss. I guess since there is no child attached to it, it's not a big deal for people Sad Thanks again


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Teresa I know all too well how you are feeling, my angelversary is coming up on the 18th, and all the things relating to this time of year are bringing it back, as if I am reliving it all again day by day and it's such a killer, no one remembers and it makes it even harder, I too can't believe 1 year has passed and I am not pregnant yet, I am still holding onto this cycle and one more chance before the year end.


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I'm thinking the Christmas season makes it harder too. I'm hoping to O soon so I can test again before Christmas.

:bigarmhug: Thanks for the support