One year... (TTC ment.)

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One year... (TTC ment.)

A year ago today, my pregnancy officially ended with a D&C. After 2 years and lots of fertility treatments, I had finally become pregnant. I can't believe it's been a whole year and I really never thought a year would go by without me getting pregnant again. This afternoon I left the house and a butterfly flew right at my car. It reminded me of the butterfly pin they gave me at the hospital after the d&c. I am really beginning to wonder if that was destined to be my only pregnancy. I really need to be upbeat-we are going through IVF and I don't want a negative attitude to ruin our chances, but I am just feeling so down about my chances today. And thinking of my baby who would be almost 5 months old.


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Don't give up honey. A butterfly means the begining of new life, and you are presently receiving IVF treatment. So don't give up hope..... :butterfly: :butterfly: :butterfly:

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Amy.... :comfort:

Please hold onto hope....IVF will give you a GREAT chance at having a little one...

Hang in there...I know the wait, and all the prep work can be frustrating (I was gonna do IVF/PGD at one point) But in the end....I am hoping it will result in you holding one or more babies in your arms....



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I am so sorry to hear that you are having a hard day. I just wanted to offer you my sincerest warm thoughts and prayers. I hope that you feel better soon.