Our Little Angel

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Our Little Angel

Hi Everyone,

I think I am still in shock but we just lost our angel tonight at 6 wks and 2 days.

This is my 3rd mc in the last 4 years and we have yet to have a successful pregnancy. I still can't believe we lost this baby. We all had good feelings about it. I did everything possible including giving up cafeine. Think I will go out and drown myself in a case of red bull tomorrow.

We are trying to look at all the blessings in our life but it is so hard knowing I am about to be 41 and my time is ticking.

Guess will get clearer direction tomorrow/Monday once we talk to the fertility doctor.

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I'm so sorry. Sad M/C never gets easier.

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Oh hon, I am so very sorry for all your losses, and how each one really weighs on you. Sad

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(((big hugs)))

I'm so sorry Sad

What did the fertility doctor say?