Out of the blue (pg and mc ment)
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Thread: Out of the blue (pg and mc ment)

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    I don't come on this board very often, sometimes it is just too hard. I lost my little angel at 7 weeks back on June 3rd. I am currently pg so when I got baby formula coupons in the mail I thought they were for her, until I read the little magazine that came with it "Your baby at 2 months" It hit me so hard. I was dumbfounded. I didn't say very much to my dh, I don't think he realizes that I still mourn for our lost little one. It hit so hard knowing that if I hadn't lost that child I would be holding a 2 month old. It hurts. I feel this baby within me move and I am grateful for her, but I still wish I hadn't lost the other one. The hard part is none of my friends and family can really support me. I was having pains with this one and the doctor told me that my cervix was soft. Freaked me out, I thought I was going to lose her too. When I mentioned it to my mil her comment was "Well, whatever happens will be for the best." What a piece of work!!!!

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    Hugs and congrats!!!
    I came home one day after my loss to cans of formula in the mail. It is hard and your baby will always have a piece of your heart.

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    Hugs Genevieve. There are times that the loss just really hits you like that. And your MIL what a piece of work!

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    (((((HUGS)))) I am glad that you dropped in to share. I know that it is always a shock to have something come at you completely out of the blue like that! It makes it especially tough as you seldom know how your name/mailing address got on their list in the first place. (One of my personal pet peeves.)

    As for your MIL.... UGH. I'm sorry that she was so insensitive. I have received that type of response from some of my own family members / friends in the past and know how hurtful it can be (not to mention set off a few emotions of anger which in this case leaves you biting your tongue. )

    Please do drop by whenever you want a space to talk, vent, or simply share. You'll always be welcome.


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