PAIL month - blinkies

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PAIL month - blinkies

Hello ladies. Please let me start by saying how sorry for your losses I am. I have read many of your stories and have been deeply moved by each and every one of your angels.

I wanted to offer PAIL blinkies to you all. I am going to make up some templates today and paste them on here. I can always make a customized blinkie too.

Please feel free to pm me for your blinkies and I will get to them asap. Or you can post on here what you would like, the size you would like. Do you want a blinking siggy card and if so do you have other graphics in your siggy? (Just so we can follow the size restrictions)

My deepest respect and love to you all.

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I love the ones that you have made for me. I am so thankful for your thoughtfulness.


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Me too! Mine is proudly displayed in my signature. Biggrin Thank you so much!

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Its the least I can do. :bighug: