Partial Molar pregnancy.

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Partial Molar pregnancy.

At my first OB appointment during the ultrasound we found out there was no baby, with subsequent ultrasounds and blood work we found that it was a possible molar pregnancy. Sad After my D&C the Dr. thought it was a partial molar but there wasn't much tissue, they sent it off for testing anyways.

So now I'm mentally and physically recovering from all of this while we wait for the results but now I'm scared that it's molar. I've been told if its molar it can possibly be malignant and I can't ttc for at least a year! We're devastated!

Anybody else gone through this? Any words of wisdom?

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I was told that I had a partial molar pregnancy a few years ago. I had to get blood work every month to be sure that it was all out of my system. I had to wait 6 months to TTC again.

My advice to you--as hard as it may be, ask the dr for the lab report. Be sure that it actually says that molar tissue was found. If there was not molar tissue then it was just a "regular miscarriage" and you will only need to wait a few months before TTC again.

I wish you the best with everything. PM me if you want more information.